Wonder Woman 1984(2020) Review: It’s Truly Bad

Wonder Woman 1984 is here and it bring a lot of weirdness, janky VFX and an even jankier story. This is my review of Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to DC’s hit 2017 Wonder Woman movie. The movie, released on the 25th of December 2020 on HBO Max after many delay and was hyped up because of the really good trailers and even greater memes and my god it was not worth the hype.

In this review, I will be telling you 1. What I loved And Hated and then 2. Whether you should check it out so let’s begin.

What I Loved And Hated

what I loved

The Cast

One of the standout things about this movie apart from it being a sequel to one of the most beloved DCEU movies is it’s amazing cast. The sequel now includes Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig AND also brings back Chris Pin, 3 very beloved actors and they (and the rest of the cast) are really great addition in the movie and are fun to watch.

Gal Gadot plays her role pretty well once again with her character showing some growth and is just overall really good to watch for some time.

The Opening Scene

Wonder Woman

The opening scene in Wonder Woman 1984 is so amazing, we are brought back to Themyscira in a scene that’s quite great both visually and story wise as it sort of hints at the theme of the movie. The opening scene was my highlight.

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Let’s Look at what I did not like


CGI is one of my favorite things in movies and in a lot of comic book movies CGI is really important but turns out it wasn’t in Wonder Woman 1984. The CGI just looks really really awful and was one of those things that kept bugging me throughout the movie because compare to the first one the CGI in 1984 looks like it also went back to 1984.

It really is disappointing because you see how advanced VFX has gotten and the one in this just looks like it had no budget, I don’t even understand how it could be so bad.

The Story

The story itself is weird yes but it’s also really slow and features some things that (to me) were very weird and made the movie really slow. The story just didn’t pull me in instead it just made me question why they made it so awful. They really doubled down on the action and amazingness and tried to make another Aquaman, they failed.

I just feel like this was not planned and they just quickly made a sloppy story because I feel like they could have done better than they did and made this movie much more interesting. Yes it does have some good moments but it’s like you have that good moment then it’s back to the weirdness.

The Third Act

The third act is another thing that made me thing they just stitched this story with no real goal with how disappointing it is, I understand that not every movie has to have a big explosive third act but 1984 did not make the wait worth it.

The finale just didn’t hit that spot for me which after waiting for as long as I did made me angrier than I actually should be because of a movie. The writers really did Wonder Woman dirty with this movie.

Should You Watch It?

Honestly no you shouldn’t. This movie doubled down on everything that made the first movie great and not only that but it does not deliver on what was promised by the various trailers. The disappointing part outnumber the entertaining part making this a no recommend for me.

Out of 10 I give Wonder Woman 1984 a 2/10. The movie really disappointed me to a point where I think they should just ignore the events of this movie when they make the third one.


Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the most disappointing additions to the DCEU lineup and more than anything it feels like it was meant to be another Aquaman for Warner Bros.

This is one of those movies I would never casually recommend anyone watches because you need to watch the great Wonder Woman from 2017 before watching this and will be disappointed.

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