Windfall Review: Is It Good?

So What Is Netflix’s Windfall About? When a man break into a tech billionaire’s empty vacation hone, things go downhill when the tech billionaire and his wife arrive for a last-minute getaway .This is my review of the movie starring Jason Segel, Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins.

In this review, I will be telling you what I liked and didn’t like about the movie and whether you should check it out so without wasting anymore time, lets begin.

What I Liked And Didn’t Like

What I Liked

The Cast

Windfall only has 3 actors and they all give really great performances especially Jason Segel who I hadn’t seen in years but was really happy to see him in this more serious role, Jesse Plemons play the role of the self centered Tech Billionaire CEO and he really played it pretty well which left me wondering what role he cannot pull off perfectly. Lily Collins plays a more humble and kinda down to earth wife to the tech billionaire and I actually loved her performance and seeing her go from calm and no F giving to Insane.

The movies cast also did well with helping me continue watching because the more I was watching the movie the more I felt like I was really watching because of the pretty great cast and seeing these people in a sort of realistic situation.

A Bit of The Story

Like I said in my previous point, I liked watching the actors in this kinda realistic situation which is one of the few things that were great about this movies story. The movie is described as a Hitchcockian Thriller and after searching the internet for what that means, I say it is and it’s story accomplishes that mission but it sort of doesn’t make the wait worth it.

Unlike movies like “Us” that show you the build up to a crazy or intense third act this movie is sort of awkward until the third act, I mean yes you enjoy the banter between the characters but you’ll probably switch it off by the 30th or even 50th minute mark.

The Score

The score of this movie sort of keeps tensions high and tries to keep you interested, I mean it’s not the best score ever but it does it’s job really well with the usual tension building music that’s either a single note playing or a really fast score meant to get your heart pumping and squeeze your butt to the edge of your seat, the score does what it’s supposed to do really well actually.

What I Didn’t Like

It takes so long

I did say you’ll probably switch it off at the 30th or 50th minute and that’s because of how long the fun bit takes to fully arrive. The parts that really open your eyes and make you throw your phone to the side really come through in the last 20 minutes of the movie which, yes it’s good but after waiting that long I feel like no.

The Third act is really good tho don’t get me wrong but I do wish I didn’t have to go through so much to finally get on the edge of my seat.

Should You Check It Out?


If you don’t mind waiting really long for the good parts of the movie then yes but if you’re looking to watch the movie in one sitting and be fully entertained I say No you shouldn’t, I started watching the movie on friday and was only able to get myself to finish it the next day.

Out of 10, I’m willing to give this movie a 6/10. The movie had a good story and pretty nice cast but waiting an hour for the best bits of the movie don’t make it a good recommendation.

If you want an alternative, I suggest watching The Guilty that stars Jake Gyllenhaal only or you can even check out True Story Starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, those are pretty good thrillers.

Check out my review of Jake Gyllenhaal’s The Guilty and my review of Kevin Hart’s True Story. I liked the movie and that series. Also check out my review of The Adam Project.


Although Windfall is a good Netflix movie it’s length and how long the best bits take to come around make it a hard movie to just recommend to anyone. I wouldn’t check out Windfall at 12AM because I will definitely fall asleep.

What Did you think of the movie? Do you think we should see more Jason Segel again? What Did you think about that ending? And finally do you think The Power Of The Dog should sweep at the Oscars? Let’s talk in the comments, PEACE.

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