What Netflix Can Do With Squid Game

Squid Game was Netflix’s most-watched series and one of the few Netflix series that left people begging for more. Squid Game will get a second season and with one of the Netflix heads saying they’ll do a lot with the Squid Game Universe it got me thinking.

I thought of 1 thing Netflix could do with the Squid Game universe that would be interesting to see and very entertaining if done really well. In this post, I’ll take you through that idea because if I don’t, I’ll always think about it all the time.

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An Anthology series.

I am a big fan of Anthology series because of how many different stories you could have in a single season and I think Netflix should make an Anthology series for Squid Game. The series would have us see the lives of people that would eventually be approached by the salesman played amazingly by Gong Yoo, it could be sort of a prequel to the series itself and could even tell us more about the characters we had seen in the main series or just randomly pick new characters and give them interesting stories to make it look as though the games are still happening just with new/different leadership.

The series could take us through a new character’s life every episode and show us how they make the decisions that lead to being at a point where they’d risk their own lives for money. I think this has to happen more than anything as it is able to sort of give fan service while also growing or at least keeping the Squid Game world alive while fans wait for the second season.

Squid Game

An Anthology series is more acceptable than anything else because I feel like the first season of Squid Game gave us everything and the only move the series can make is forward instead of doing anything that’s a sort of a prequel to the series’ overall story as there isn’t much to explore there, I may be wrong tho.

I don’t think Netflix expected the series to be as popular and as beloved as it became which explains why confirming a second season took so long and why news of the second season itself is so scarce, The story doesn’t leave enough for the writers to go to for a second season but an Anthology series can be put in place while they brainstorm what they can do for season 2 without ruining what the series has become to so many in the world.

Animated Series

Netflix even has a choice of either doing it animated or just doing live-action with both choices sort of having their own Pros and Cons. They can try to cash in on the trend of animated Anthology series or go full live-action like Black Mirror or Room 104.

I may be wrong and there are so many other things that Netflix can do with the series and they may even be filming the second season as we speak but the creation of an anthology series would work hugely in Netflix’s favor because of the growth of Anthology series these days (Love Death + Robots and Marvel’s What If…?) and just generally how good they are whenever they are done correctly


I don’t know if Netflix or the writer of Squid Game know what they want to do for season 2 but I think it is fair to believe that they are having a tough time trying to figure out what they can do and how they can carry the story forward without making fans angry or even keeping the same amount of suspense and thrill the first season already had.

The most recent news about season 2 is the news of the creator Hwang Dong-hyuk confirming that he planted hints and clues of what could possible happen in season 2 and you can read that interview with IndieWire here. What do you guys think netflix should do with the franchise? Should they stop at season 2 and let it go? Lets talk down in the comments.

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