What Are Disney’s Plans For Deadpool?

What Are Disney’s Plans For Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is one of the many Fox properties Disney acquired with their purchase of all the movie and TV assets owned by 21st Century Fox, the character’s future in the MCU is currently unknown even though a third movie is currently being written, expected to start filming in 2022 and to keep it’s R-rating.

I will be telling you the following about the Merc With a mouth’s future in the MCU:

So let’s Begin

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When Is Deadpool Coming


As I said in the intro, Deadpool’s third movie is currently in the writing process with filming expected to begin in 2022 which will mean the movie may be released in 2023. Disney has been rumoured to have been pushing Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige to bring the character into the MCU sooner than later to cash in on the popularity of the character, Ryan Reynolds himself has said the character may enter the MCU in phase 5 (Joining Blade) but with the how much Disney wants the 3rd movie we could see the character enter in Phase 4 or at least toward the end of Phase 4.

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The breaking of the timeline and introduction of the Multiverse gives Deadpool and many other Marvel character a pretty easy way of entering the MCU no questions asked but bringing in Deapool (a professional shit talker) in the middle of the breakdown of the timeline seems to serve no purpose so whether the character will come in Phase 4 or Phase 5 is yet to be seen, unless Kevin Feige and his writers are able to bring him in then hazar.

Will Deadpool Be Rebooted?

I do think Marvel could erase SOME thing from the characters past in the very conflicted Fox Cinematic Universe to make it earsier for them to introduce the Characters Deadpool has interacted with in the future (The X-Men) buut I also think they could keep everything as it is and make the character joke about everything he has seen in his universe and others, like he usually does.

Will He Be in Cinemas or Disney Plus

At this point we all know that people subscribe to Disney Plus mostly for their Star Wars and Marvel content and the thought of Deadpool being released exclusively on Disney Plus in 2023 (A year where CoronaVirus may not be as huge as it is now) is pretty hard to think about. Depending on what Disney and the actor wants we could see the movie being released in theatres first to earn a bucket load of money then release on Disney+ with extra content to bring in more subscribers.

Are there more movies planned for him?

Yes, rumours suggest Disney wants 3 more Deadpool movies after the release of DP3 and whether these movies will be solo movies or team up movies is still unknown right now and won’t be known for a pretty long time. Other rumours suggest that Disney wants the Deadpool to be a sort of cameo character in other movies like Stan Lee, I don’t want something like that because I just hope Marvel continues to give us stan lee cameos in the form of subtle nods.

Whatever the plan is, Ryan Reynolds did say he would be ready to play the character for as long as he can with his endgame goal being (In my funny non serious opinion) to get a Deadpool x Wolverien Movie.

What Are Some Changes that have already happened?

At the moment there’s only been a change in the writer of the movies, with Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux being tapped to write the third movie and Ryan Reynolds being said to be the one who chose the duo to write the script as one of the Producers, Reynolds is also working with the sisters overlooking the writing process. The first and second movie was writen by Paul Wernick, Rhet Reese and Ryan Reynolds, a director for the 3rd movie has not been announced yet but we MAY hear who it is pretty soon.


At the moment it looks like Disney want’s to change absolutely nothing with the character to keep the fan base it already has and it also looks like Disney Heads really want to bring the much beloved character into the MCU and cash in on the character’s popularity. With a possible 2023 release date being eyed I think we have enough time to spectulate and wait to hear news about the character’s third movie and their future in the MCU, a future I think looks pretty bright.

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