The Tomorrow War Review: Some Action & Aliens

The Tomorrow War is here and it’s…. It’s not that bad. This is my review of the pretty long movie starring and produced by Chris Pratt and in this review I will be telling you 1. What I loved and hated watching this and 2. Whether you should watch this.

The Tomorrow War is a military time travel action thriller movie that sees the world go against some pretty deadly looking aliens whose main intention is just to eat, People from the future come back to the past to recruit people that will die in a few month to help them fight the war that is in the future, that’s basically all you need to know.

1. What I Loved And Hated

What I Loved

The Cast

The cast in this is not like an all star cast but it’s a cast of some people you know (obviously Chris Pratt) and people you probably do not know. The cast gives a pretty good job with their acting, it’s all good.

Also, J.K Simmons, Sam Richard and Betty Gilpin might have gotten the least amount of on screen time but they were my favorite characters in the entire movie, sure Chris Pratt was okay but their characters were funnier and sort of superior. And J.K looks f-ing shredded wtf Omni-Man.

Nice CG

Yes that’s right, the CGI in this is pretty badass. The aliens look really great and the were able to put some amazing destruction effects, you ever see something being destroyed and have your jaw drop the entire time? Yeah that’s how great the effects in this are.

what I hated

The Story/Plot

Now I did not HATE this but I did not like it either, the plot is pretty okay for sometime until we reach the second act and that’s where things sort of go downhill and you start asking questions. A few questions I asked myself were:

  • Why is he sad about what will happen in the future when he can EASILY prevent it?
  • Why did the government go from giving it’s people to the future soldiers to ignoring everything future related because there are a lot of riots happening at the same time???
  • What on earth is this third act???

Why Is This So Long

The movie it self 2 hours and 20 minutes and it honestly feels like it did not need to be that long, the movie sort of drags itself out by giving you moments I personally thought did not have to be kept in and although they kinda pay off toward the end they still feel like they could have been cut and explained in dialogue instead of having these pretty long scenes

Third Act Music everywhere

You know the third act music right? The music that comes on when our hero is having their last fight, the last essential fight the music that’s louder and more grittier than the music you’ve heard the entire movie well this movie has that music in every action scene and of cause this shouldn’t be a big deal but come on.

You may find yourself turning the volume down on some actiony scenes only to bring it back up to hear the dialogue and you’ll be doing that a lot if you’re watching at home, I guess the did this to make us feel the intensity of the action scenes but damn they didn’t really have to. Also in some cases I heard that music and thought “Oh the movie is finished already?” only to find out I have 59 more minutes left…. Yay.

2. Should You Watch It?


Yes, watch it because at the end of the day you are not here to watch for the story or the music that plays every time there’s an action sequence you’re here to watch alien and many boom boom and this movie gives you a lot of that on a single sitting and although it’s pretty stretched out it does give a good ending that’ll leave you at least happy you stayed and watched.

The Tomorrow War is out and available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and you can watch it free with your 7 day free trial *wink wink*


My personal rating for this movie would be a 7/10 because although I hated a lot of things in it there were a couple of other things that stood out for me and at least made me feel good for still watching the movie, mainly the big boom booms, J.K Simmons and Aliens.

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Will you be checking this movie out? Who do you think would win in a fight between Omni-Man and J. Jonah Jameson? Did you also have a flashback of Andy Dwyer from Parks And Recreation watching the first act of this movie?

Let’s talk down in the comment or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. See you on the next movie review Byee.

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