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The Man From Toronto 2022 Review: Netflix’s Central Intelligence

Netflix has a brand new Kevin hart movie and this time he acts alongside Woody Harrelson in this action Comedy titled The Man From Toronto.

Starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, The Man From Toronto see’s Kevin Hart’s character Teddy get into some antics after he is mistaken for an Assassin “Man From Toronto” (Woody Harrelson’s Character) when he enters the wrong Airbnb.

In this movie review, I will be telling you what I liked and didn’t like and then my final rating out of 10 and whether you should check it out so without wasting time, let’s begin.

What I Liked

Some Of the comedy

You guys remember Central Intelligence? Well, this movie is almost identical to that one, I say I liked some of the comedy because I didn’t fully enjoy the entire movie’s comedy and it was just funny at certain points in the movie but it had the similar banter we saw throughout Central Intelligence. The spy action hero forces random guy like you or me into doing some action guy things that he does not enjoy doing at all.

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The Choreography

The Man From Toronto

It’s great, especially the fight scene right toward the end of the movie, there were a lot of great things they did to make the fight scene at the end the greatest action sequence in the movie. That isn’t to say the other action sequences were not great, they were really good which is sort of what I expected and I was pleased with what I saw, the last sequence was my favorite because of the camera movements and how they tried to do one-shot that they excecated really well, there were some points where I believed they added cuts but I don’t really know.

That’s all I can say I liked about that movie, the cast is just okay and Kevin and Woody give performances that we expect from them so they aren’t great but they aren’t awful either. The movie just reminds me of Central Intelligence so much although Kevin and Woody’s friendship-ish doesn’t outdo that of Kevin and Dwayne

What I didn’t like

It’s Predictable

I think you expect it to be predictable reading the plot alone and if you don’t predict how it’ll go with the plot, you’ll predict the ending 30 minutes into the movie. This made the movie boring to watch for me to be honest.

There isn’t much that I hated, to be honest, the movie didn’t have a lot of things I could point out as things I hated. The one other thing that had some Jank in it was the CGI, but that was not a big deal because I expected it to be kind of bad for some reason.

My Rating Out Of 10

The Man From Toronto is not a unique movie in any way and it does nothing special to this genre or this type of movies but I liked the duo of Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson and the fun adventure we were on with the 2.

For those few reasons I am giving this movie a rating of 5/10

The Man From Toronto is not a great movie but that does not mean it’s an awful movie, its similarity to Central intelligence (also available to stream on Netflix) made it kind of boring to watch especially because it becomes very predictable.

You can stream The Man From Toronto on Netflix.

Should You Watch it

If you enjoyed Central Intelligence then you should definitely check it out because this movie is so identical to that movie.

If you watched Central Intelligence and didn’t like that movie then I suggest you stay away from this BUT you could also watch for that last action sequence which I thought was worth the wait.

You can stream The Man From Toronto on Netflix


The Man From Toronto is not the best movie of the year or the best movie on Netflix right now but it’s definitely a fun watch that you will enjoy throughout.

What did you think about this movie? What Is your rating for it out of 10? Let’s talk down in the comments.

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