The Guilty 2021 Review: It’s Sort Of Good

It’s October and we have a new Netflix movie starring a pretty famous actor called The Guilty and this is my review of that movie.

The Guilty stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a troubled police detective demoted to 911 operator duty as he scrambles to save a distressed caller during a harrowing day of revelations, the movie also stars some other great actors providing some voice acting which I learned while looking at the credits.

Just like my other reviews I’ll be telling you 1. What I loved and Hated in this movie and 2. Whether I think you should check it out so let us begin.

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1. What I Loved And Hated

What I Loved

It’s a new concept

A movie that’s just a character talking on the phone the whole time with a few scenes in between (2 or 3 scenes) is extremely new to me and I enjoyed how The Guilty tried to make me paint the pictures in my head with the use of the dialogue and the sound, I just enjoyed having to sort of direct the scenes in my head.

The Story-ish

“What do you mean ish?” Well I mean I enjoyed a bit of the story, let me explain. The movie has this twist and it’s really unexpected and comes out of nowhere so that’s the thing I did enjoy, the rest of the story was a bit “meh” but that one twist in the movie was a moment that had my jaw breakdancing on the ground.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Perfomance

Well obviously Jake gave a great perfomance in this and I did not expect a lot from this because well it’s just a guy talking on the phone and that guy just turns out to be Jake Gyllenhaal. Is the perfomance Oscar worthy? Nah not really, is the perfomance Jake’s best? No but it is a great perfomance either way.

What I did not like

It gets Boring

Well I mean, honesty is the best policy right? And honestly the movie is kinda boring, Jake’s perfomance does make this movie better but I don’t know man the movie is not something I’d recommend to someone who’s into explosion and bullet filled movies because it really is a fully fledged drama movie like big people drama. It’s thrilling yes but damn a few minutes in you sort of wanna stop and find something else.

2. Should You Check It Out?

The Guilty

To be honest, not really. The movie is a nice little thriller that showcases the great acting ability of Jake Gyllenhaal with a pretty good twist but you could find better movies out there, in fact, i would say you should watch Jake’s Nightcrawler which has his best perfomance by far, is thrilling and has a greater story.


This movie is more of a switch on your brain and try imagine the scenes yourself which is cool and everything but to some that may be not be as fun.

Out Of 10 i’m giving this movie a solid 5, it’s not extremely great but it does give you some thrilling stuff and a great perfomance from Jake Gyllenhaal but being let down by the not good story and the lack of other scenes.

Did you check the movie out? What did you think about Jake Gylenhall’s perfomance? Did you like the story? Let’s talk down below, leave a like, share and subscribe. Byee

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