The Adam Project: A Charming Family Movie

Netflix’s The Adam Project is here and it continues to prove that anything with Ryan Reynolds is always funny and that time travel movies don’t have to be too complicated.

The Adam project see’s time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed crash-land in 2022 and team up with his 12-year-old self for a mission to save the future.

In this review (Like my many others that you should definitely check out) I will be telling you what I liked and didn’t like and whether I think you should check it out with my rating out of 10 so without wasting anymore time, let’s begin.

What I Liked And Didn’t Like

What I Liked

The Story

The Adam Project has a pretty sweet story and it’s take on the entire time travel is not too complicated. The movie gives you an explanation of how it’s time travelling works and that’s it, you don’t really need to know more. The overall story is quite sweet and like other critics have said, will give you some feels.

The story will entertain the kids more than an adult but if you’re like me you’ll be entertained by both the story and the interaction between Old and young Adam, it’s not too slow too unlike some Netflix movies that have come out recently.

The Cast

Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldaña, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Walker Scobell, this movies cast is pretty pretty good and Ryan Reynolds gives a great lead performance once again but credit should be given to co-star Walker Scobell who plays the young Adam Reed or in a very young Deadpool in my opinion. Yes, Reynold’s performance is like every other performance after Deadpool but It was a toned down a little bit and his character had more emotions than random pretty good jokes.

Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner don’t get a lot of screen time but I think they get enough, especially with Garner who’s character is not really THAT interesting. Zoe Saldaña was pretty pretty throughout the movie and she also gave a great performance.

The CGI And Directing

This movie has some surprisingly great CGI, I didn’t really expect it to be this good but it actually was and everything that was CG was really well done and did not take out from the experience. The directing was also good too which I did not expect too, there were some pretty good shots throughout the movie and I thought this would be just an ordinary movie with some big names but the work they put into the CG is pretty commendable. The movie is directed by Shawn Levy who directed a bunch of great titles, check out his Filmography here.

What I didn’t Like

Nothing, I pretty much liked everything in this movie, it didn’t dissapoint mostly because I did not have any expectations for it just found it overall good.

Should You Watch It?

Yes you should, The Adam Project is a great movie that you and the entire family will enjoy with Ryan Reynold’s neever failing humour and a pretty good story, I can assure you will have a great time watching the movie and at some points may get pretty emotional watching it.

Out of 10, I am giving Netflix’s The Adam Project a 9/10, It’s a charming family movie that will not really disappoint if you watch it withthe whole family.

You can stream the movie on Netflix.


Netflix has once again given us a great Ryan Reynolds movie and just like Red Notice, The Adam Project does not dissapoint and gives a charming and funny story that the entire family can enjoy.

Have you checked it out yet? What did you think about it? What rating do you give it out of 10? Let’s talk down in the comments and remember kids, Zoe Saldaña is the Queen of the Box Office.

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