Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Review: It’s Awful

Netflix has blessed the people who loved The Texas Chainsaw franchise with this “sequel” to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie but this blessing is more of a curse in a face disguise.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from 1974 and it see’s a group of influencers (oh boy come to a Texas Ghost town to try and revive and bring life to the town but after some things go wrong they encounter the legendary killer, Leatherface.

I watched the movie and I will be telling you what I liked and what I didn’t like about it then whether I think you should check it out with my rating out of 10. So without wasting anymore time, let’s begin.

What I Liked

The Blood And Gore

The movie had quite a lot of blood and some gore, I always like slasher or just horror movie for the murder and killing sequences because they always offer the most entertainment throughout the movie and in this the blood and gore were the only entertainment I got out of it.

I say some gore because there wasn’t much, sure there were parts where we saw the hit and the blood or guts just spew out but those moments were too few for my liking, there were a bunch of cut to character moments when Leatherface was doing what he knows best and I would’ve liked it if I saw more of the killings without cuts that just jumped to the already done job or that just didn’t reveal much but I was entertained by those that I saw.

That’s all I liked tbh… I know right.

What I didn’t like

The extremely dumb character decisions

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I understand that in horror movies characters have to make dumb decisions but this movie made it look like the characters didn’t have their brains activated with so many moments that showcased dumb character behavior.

Characters had chances to kill off Leatherface and missed them not because something that makes sense happened but just because they didn’t want to, I don’t want to spoil anything by detailing the moments (yes its more than one) this happens but just know it happens an annoying amount of time and unlike other horror movies that give you a pretty okay reason for the dumb decisions this just gave stupid reasons.

The Story

The story also shares similarities with 2018’s Halloween but Halloween was executed a lot better than this, Texas Chainsaw Massacre felt like it was a parody of that with all its plot holes or just general stupidity from the characters. I honestly feel like Leatherface could’ve gotten a better story than this.

It goes by so quick

I can’t really say the movie starts off slow then goes real quick but it just comes and goes without you even noticing, I mean after I was done watching I felt like I was watching something that was 30 minutes long instead of the 1 hour 23 minutes it actually is.

Should You Watch it?

NO please no, this was really bad. You’ll either get annoyed by the dumb decisions the characters make or the dullness of the characters throughout the movie. I don’t know if this could’ve been better in anyway because the only entertaining is the killing and that not enough for you to sit a whole 1 and a half.

Out of 10 i’m only giving this a 2. I loved the blood but the fact that I wish I saw more gore and the other stuff I didn’t like make this a bad movie in my books.

I would recommend you watch 2018’s Halloween or just watch All Of Us Are Dead which you can also stream on Netflix and has better developed characters, a better story and it’s worth the 12 hours.


I think Texas Chainsaw Massacre could’ve been better if it was a “pass to the new generation” type movie instead of what it is but then again I also feel like it shouldn’t have been made too because it’s definitely one of the worst in the franchise and like everyone else said, Leatherface deserves better.

What did you think of Texas Chainsaw Massacre? What rating are you giving it out of 10 and do you think the should be another one? Let’s talk in the comments, bye.

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