Stranger Things Season 4: New Characters & Possible Release Date

Can you believe season 3 of Stranger Things was released 3 years ago and till this day we’re still waiting for season 4. I have decided to scour the internet and see the latest news on the series.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by The Duffer Brother and it’s one of the biggest Netflix series in the world (Source: Me).

Now that’s out of the way let’s begin.

Release Date

Season 3 of the series was released on the 4th of July 2019, a few months before the beginning of that one virus we don’t talk about. In 2020, season 4 began filming and then was forced to to shut down due to the pandemic then resumed in late 2020, filming then resumed on September 28 0f the same year finally finishing in September 2021.

Netflix has confirmed that the series will be returning in summer of 2022 which is around June July so you can expect to get more trailers and teases in March or April. The possible release date?? 15 July 2022, the same day the first episode of the series premiered and since this season seems to be going back to the past it’ll be fitting, the 15th of July is also a Friday mix that all together and you get the a perfect release date soup.

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The New Cast Members

A lot of the cast is returning obviously but there are some new people joining the team so let’s look at some of those.

Joseph Quinn As Eddie Munson

Instagram: @Josephquinnactor

Joseph Quinn will be playing Eddie Munson in Season 4. His character is the head of the Hawkins High Official D&D Club called The Hellfire Club. Quinn was in Game Of Thrones and Overlord.

Nikola Djuricko As Yuri

Serbian actor Nikola Djuricko will be playing Yuri who is described as “a seedy and unpredictable Russian smuggler who loves bad jokes, hard cash, and crunchy style peanut butter”.

Tom Wlaschiha As Dmitri

Instagram: @tomwlaschiha

Tom Wlaschiha will be playing Dmitri who is a smart and charming Russian prison guard whom the stranger things twitter account ends his character description with “But can he be trusted?”. Wlaschiha has also played a character on Game Of Thrones,

Mason Dye as Jason Carver

Instagram: @masondye

Jason Carver is described as a “Handsome, rich athlete who is dating the most popular girl in school” and will have his perfect world unravelled when a “new evil threatens Hawkins”. Mason Dye has been in Teen Wolf, Bosch and 2017’s Truth Or Dare. Check out a long list of his past work here.

Sherman Augustus As Lt. Colonel Sullivan

Instagram: @shermgus

Augustus will be playing a “intelligent, no-nonsense man who believes he knows how to stop the evil in Hawkins once and for all”. Sherman has appeared in quite a lot of tv shows including The Young And The Restless, check out his filmography here.

Jamie Campbell Bower As Peter Ballard

English actor Jamie Campbell Bower will be playing “a caring man who works as an orderly at a psychiatric hospital” We’ll see whether Jamie’s character will finally take a stand against the brutality he witnesses daily. Jamie has been in a bunch of big things including Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga and will be in the Game Of Thrones Prequel pilot House Of The Dragon.

Eduardo Franco as Argyle

Instagram: @dumbuardo

Eduardo Franco will be playing Jonathan’s new BFF and is a stoner who delivers pizzas for Surfer Boy Pizza. He hasn’t been in anything I know of but has a huge list of past roles you can check out here.

Robert Englund as Victor Creel

The original Freddie Krugger himself Robert Englund will be playing Victor Creel, a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome muder in the 1950. I don’t know, I feel like this character will be an essential part of the overall story.

Myles Truitt As Patrick

Patrick is described as a Hawkins Basketball star who has friends, talent and a good life until shocking events send his life spiraling out of control. The character will be played by Queen Sugar’s Myles Truiit who has also appeared in Black Lighting and Atlanta.

Grace Van Dien As Chrissy

Instagram: @gracevandien

Chrissy is Hawkins’ High lead cheerleader and the most popular girl in school but beneath the seemingly perfect surface lies a dark secret. Grace Van Dien will be playing the character and she has appeared in The Village, The Binge and more.

Regina Ting Chen as Ms Kelly

Instagram; @reginatingchen

Ms Kelly is a popular guidancce councelor who cares deeply for her students, especially those struggling the most. Regina Ting Chen who play the character has also appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and many more.

Amybeth McNulty as Vickie

Instagram: @amybethmcnulty

Vickie is a cool, fast talking Band nerd who catches the eye of one of our beloved heroes. Amy McNulty will be playing the character, she has her own show called Anne With An E on Netflix.


Stranger Things

The 4th season will have 9 episodes just like season 2. The episode title were released:

  • Chapter One: The Hellfire Club
  • Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse
  • Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero
  • Chapter Four: Dear Billy
  • Chapter Five: The Nina Project
  • Chapter Six: The Dive
  • Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
  • Chapter Eight: Papa
  • Chapter Nine: The Piggyback

I just hope Netflix doesn’t do the splitting the season into 2 thing they did with Money Heist and Ozark but it seems like we’re safe from that.


Stranger Things’ release is closing in and I’m one of the millions that cannot wait to watch this amazing series and binge watching it till my eyes feel like falling out.

What do you want to see in this season? Which character are you exicited to see? What are your theories? Let’s talk in the comments.

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