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Spiderhead: It’s A Great Drama/Thriller

A new Netflix thriller is out and with a great cast and story, this one does not disappoint. This is my review of Netflix’s Spiderhead.

Starring Chris Hemsworth and Milles Teller, Spiderhead see’s 2 inmates form a connection in a state of the art penitentiary meant to test drugs capable of altering ones emotions on convicts.

In this review I’ll be telling you what I liked and didn’t like in this movie and also sharing my rating out of 10 and whether you should check this movie out, so without wasting any of your time, let us begin.

What I Liked

The Cast

Spiderhead Review

The cast in this movie is really great, we have Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller giving great performances (Miles being a standout for me) and we also have other great actors such as Jurnee Smollett (From Birds of Prey And Lovecraft Country) and Mark Paguio who despite having smaller-ish characters they not only give great performances but also give performances that almost outshine those of Chris and Miles. The cast is not huge too with only a few characters getting actual lines but I liked that, there weren’t a lot of characters to focus on just those front and center.

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I also wanna mention that this was a surprisingly good role for Chris Hemsworth, I was not really expecting him to be bad but I also was not expecting him to be as good as he was on this so cheers to that. Also, Mark Paguio gave a great performance here, I just enjoyed his sort of sympathetic character and I just liked his interactions with Chris’ character in the movie.

Also, I enjoyed seeing Miles Miller in this easy-going calm role. I haven’t seen Top Gun: Maverick and the last time I saw him was in that critically acclaimed comic book movie Fant4stic so it was great seeing him in this.

The Story

It’s a pretty thrilling story that was fun to see unfold and grow, the various revelations were great but the overall story was just very good. I would understand the hate some people would have for the story as it doesn’t really do anything special for what it’s about, instead it delivers a good story and that’s about it and I enjoyed that.

There were no boring moments for me which was helped by some of the music (I’ll get to that) but also because I was already invested in the story and was waiting for twists and turns which I got and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Another tiny thing I enjoyed was all the questions I had about Chris Hemsworth’s character, I felt like there were things about the character that were mysterious, and they weren’t explained which I liked because it was all left to my imagination but also I could be overthinking it.

I expect to see people claim it’s predictable and boring but to be honest, it is not at all predictable or boring at least it is not to me… IT WAS VERY ENTERTAINING TO ME.

The Music

Featuring some classic tracks that I don’t think a lot of us (People born in 2003) would know but enjoyed in this movie but my main reason for liking the music of this movie is how it sort of kept me on the edge, I don’t remember a specific movie that did that but I always enjoy it when movies keep playing music that gets more intense as the story reaches its climax. That always keeps me watching and in some way makes watching the movie less of a boring experience.

What I Didn’t Like

To be honest, I couldn’t point out anything I didn’t like in this movie, I thought the movie gave me enough to look at all the bad this (If I saw any) and just ignore them because of how the entire movie was just good.

My Rating Out Of 10

Spiderhead is a movie that, to me, had a great story that was elevated by the great cast and the music which made watching it less of a chore and more of a fun watching experience

I am giving Spiderhead a 9/10

The movie was really good and if you just want a movie to sit down and watch, I think this is the perfect movie for that. You will not be disappointed, especially if you enjoy movies that sort of have a slow build-up to really good climaxes.

I definitely acknowledge.

You can stream Spiderhead on Netflix


That little CG in this scene was so good tho

Spiderhead may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it hit the perfect spot for me and I’m glad it was not just because it starred that guy from those Marvel movies but because it had a greatly enjoyable story. This movie was like an episode of Black Mirror if you really think about it.

Did you watch the movie? What were your thoughts? What are you rating out of 10? Let’s talk in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get notified of all our posts every week, leave a like, share and have a great day, peace.

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