Space Jam A New Legacy Movie Review: It’s Just Okay

Ahhhhhh yes a sequel to a movie that I did not really think we’d ever get a sequel to, Space Jam A New Legacy is the sequel to the pretty great 1996 classic and I watched it and this is my review.

Space Jam A New Legacy is a sequel to the 1996 classic movie ‘Space Jam’ and this time the movie stars LeBron James.

In this review I’ll tell you 1. What I Loved And Hated, 2. Whether I think you should watch it and then 3. Whether it’s better than the first one before concluding so let’s begin.

1. What I Loved And Hated In The Movie

Lets start with what I loved

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle plays our main villain in this and he is by far the best in this movie not only giving an amazing performance but also being funny and entertaining. Don’s character just makes the movie kinda interesting and kinda fun, I genuinely enjoyed every minute with his character on screen.

The Looney Tunes characters

You see Looney Tunes characters in this and you expect funny dialogue and things to happen and this delivers. Every character in this is pretty funny and although the story is not the best thing in the movie, the characters make the movie a tad bit more entertaining.

The Movie’s comedy

Of cause this is a funny movie and the jokes are of cause catered for much younger audience and if you are a much much younger audience you’ll laugh at some of the jokes in here but if you are a older more mature audience you’ll find at least 3 jokes to like which is not bad for a family movie… There are better movies tho.

Now what did I hate in this movie?

The cringe

WE ALL EXPECTED THE MOVIE TO BE CRINGE BUT WTF??? The cringe was something I expected but the only reason this is super cringe is because it’s story is cringe. The acting (Which I did not expect to be close to perfection), the dialogue and story really drive the movie’s cringe factor.

It’s 70% of the script is inspired by motivational quotes… The type you see on Facebook and Instagram.

The story

The story is not good, like not good at all. With the first movie it was like damn they really thought of the story a lot huh? But this one it feels like they asked LeBron to be part of the movie before they started writing the script. I do understand that they were trying to be different and “better” but damn…. It was not as perfectly calculated or as heartfelt as the first one.

I also understand what the story is trying to teach me and everyone else watching (Don’t force stuff on people, let them be who they wanna be) but damn bro.

But that’s all actually, that’s all I hated

2. Should You Check It Out?

Well No, not really. This movie reminds me of Coming 2 America, a movie sequel that just exists because it has the potential to make money and of cause it makes the money it’s expected to make, in other words a sequel we didn’t need. The only time I’d say watch this is if you were truly bored and looking for something to watch while you’re on your phone or eating.

3. Is it better than the first one?

Hell no, it is not better. The first one was a lot funnier, it was also a lot less cringe and the story just felt more yeahhh while this one is more “We have LeBron, a bunch of our Franchises/Properties, Bugs Bunny AND Zendaya” and that’s what you get, not as much love as the first one.


Space Jam 2 is a sequel we never asked for(like Coming 2 America) and if we did ask for it we expected it to be as a great, interesting and funny adventure like the first one.

The sequel is not as funny or as interesting as the first one but it is an adventure for some time, WB continues to take the L.

Did you Watch Space Jam 2? What did you think? Would you watch it again? What would you have done differently? Let’s Talk in the comments.

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