Resident Evil 2022 Review: Will It Get Cancelled?

Netflix brings us a brand new horror series in the Resident Evil franchise and after watching it my only thought was “Will Netflix Cancel this one?”. This is my review of Netflix’s Resident Evil series.

The series follows Jade Wesker who must fight for survival in a world populated by Zombies, all this while she is haunted by her past, and what happened to her sister and her father.

In this review, like my many others, I will be telling you what I liked and didn’t like about the series, my rating out of 10, and all that without spoiling the series.

What I Liked


Apart from the zombies, the series has a couple of monsters that make appearances and I thought they were very well done. They put some work into putting a lot of detailing into the little number of monsters they had throughout the series and as a great fan of good-looking VFX, I liked them a lot.

They did one of those VFX tricks in one of the episodes where they hid some monsters in the dark revealing some bits of them but I was happy with what I saw, especially the huge spider in one of the episodes. The other monster in the last few episodes was also really greatly done, you’ll love it too if you manage to get to that episode.

The Cast

Resident Evil

The cast isn’t an A-list cast but it’s an okay cast that did what it did, there were no standout performances and I know, you’re wondering why I liked the cast then.

Well, the series is filmed in Cape Town, South Africa (Where I am and where that Netflix Live-Action One Piece series is being filmed) and they had a couple of Local actors in the mix which I loved, every other scene I found myself seeing an actor I knew and loved. The series had Anthony Oseyemi, Mpho Osei Tutu (who was more of a cameo but it was great seeing him), Leroy Siyafa From Netflix’s Teen Drama series Blood And Water, Saint Seseli from Netflix’s other comedy series How To Ruin Christmas, the amazing Zonke Mchunu and a bunch of other local actors.

The Story

The story isn’t perfect but for a couple of episodes, I liked it (I’ll explain that a little later). It’s the first few episodes that stole the show for me, I mean they weren’t great but considering the episodes that come after episode 4, Those were the best episodes of the series.

What I didn’t Like

The Story from Episode 5 onwards

Netflix's Resident Evil

Things sort of went downhill for me from the 5th episode to the very last. The story felt like it was just trying to stall to the very last episode and it went from zombie action to a very long history lesson and just gave me enough to make me hate the main character and the entire story, the whole jumping between the past and the future became kind of annoying from that fifth episode.

I saw a couple of people complaining about the dialogue in the series and yes it gets pretty bad as you watch but I kinda didn’t mind it. As I was watching the last few episodes, I just felt like I was only watching to finish what I had already started… And so I can write this somewhat properly.

The Zombies themselves

If you google “Resident Evil game Zombies” you’ll see some good zombies from the games; this series didn’t have any of that. The series had just the generic zombies we’ve seen in series like All Of Us Are Dead and movies like Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead, I wish they tried doing something close to the games but I have 2 theories for why they didn’t, they didn’t have a huge budget or they are trying to save it for a second season.

My Rating Out Of 10

Although I liked a few things from the series, I felt as though it was not enough for me to like the entire thing. Its story was not the best thing it had to offer and whenever a story isn’t good, the entire thing just doesn’t slap as good as you’d want it to.

Out of 10, I’m giving this series a 4/10. I wish they did more for the series.

I didn’t play any of the games but from what I’ve seen, this movie does not represent the franchise well, it doesn’t give fans of the game the things they loved about the games and what made the franchise what it is.

Should You Watch It?

The question “Will Netflix Cancel this one?” is hard to answer especially after the series became the new number 1 series dethroning Stranger Things but with how they canceled Archive 81. I think we know what’ll happen.

If you’re a long-time fan of the gaming franchise you should probably skip this one and if you’ve never played any of the games, you should skip this too.

It reminds me a bit of Cowboy Bebop but it’s kind of worse. Do you think it’s similar to Cowboy Bebop?

If you’re feeling brave tho, you can check the series out on Netflix.

This has been my review of Stranger Things, tell me what you liked and didn’t like about the series down in the comments below, and until next time ladies and gentlemen, Goodbye.

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