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Prey Review: Is It One Of The Best Predator Movies?

The newest addition to the Predator franchise is here and with so many positive reviews from critics, Is Prey the best Predator movie, and most importantly, is it worth watching? This is my review of Prey.

Now the seventh movie in the Predator franchise, Prey sees Fierce and skilled warrior Naru fight one of the first highly evolved predators to land on Earth to protect her tribe. This movie acts as sort of an origin story of the Predator and is set 300 years ago in the world of the Comanche.

In this review, I’ll be telling you what I liked and didn’t like then give you my rating of the movie out of 10 and whether I believe you should check it out, without wasting any more time, lets’s begin.

What I Liked

The Cinematography

Prey Movie

I never thought I’d be saying this about a Predator movie but Prey has some fantastic Cinematography with shots that look really really good. If I could compare the cinematography to any movie I’ve watched recently, I’d compare it to the cinematography we got on Netflix’s The Power Of The Dog starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I found the cinematography to be great and if you’re someone who is into those types of things in movies, you’ll quickly pick up and love it.

The Story

The story is really good and not too complicated, our main character goes on a journey that sees her train herself to be a better hunter and prove to herself, her family and her tribe that she can hunt but she is actually training to be hunted. I liked how we got multiple moments of foreshadowing throughout the movie but not only that, I liked how well everything flowed and how uncomplicated the movie was, this is not to say the other movies in the franchise are, this movie was just a bit more down to Earth.

The story is also very thrilling, after you see the Predator you spend the entire time trying to see where he might pop up next and with the score setting a very chilling tone, the movie just places you on the edge of your seat as you watch. I found the pacing to be perfect too, it wasn’t going too fast and it wasn’t going too slow either, it was telling its story perfectly and had me captured throughout.

The Predator Himself

Prey Movie Predator

Although it’s a different predator from the ones we’ve seen in other movies, it’s still the badass, viscous and scary alien killer we know and love. We don’t see much of the predator in the first 40 or so minutes but when we finally do it’s worth the wait and seeing the character in his full not invincible form causing havoc is very satisfying. The character is very viscous and I liked that we got to see that a lot throughout the movie, they showed us a lot of the kills and the gore.

The Predator shouldn’t get all the flowers tho, the cast is good, Amber Midthunder (From FX’s Legion) is the standout of the movie giving a very strong perfomance throughout the movie.

What I didn’t Like

I loved this movie through and through, If I said I didn’t like something in it I’d be nitpicking a very good movie.

My Rating Out Of 10

Out Of 10, I am giving the new Predator movie a 9/10.

The movie had a moving story, some good gore, great cinematography, and managed to keep all the things we loved about the predator movies (The killing and moments you find yourself asking “Where did he go???”) . This movie deserves to be called one of the best Predator movies we’ve gotten in YEARS.

Should You Watch It?

You definitely should, I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews and after watching the movie I believe it is a must-watch and deserves all of the praise it has been getting.

Prey is available to stream on Hulu and Disney Plus Worldwide.

This has been my review of Prey. The action thriller movie is a great movie and an even greater addition to the Predator franchise, if you were thinking of checking it out, This is your sign to do so.

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