Peacemaker Review: So Far So Great

Peacemaker is an Spin-off series that follows the DC Comics character of the same name after his appearance in 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

In this review (Like my many others) I will be telling you 1. What I Liked and Didn’t like and then 2. Whether you should check it out and my rating so far so let’s begin.

What I liked and didn’t like

Lets start with what I liked

The comedy

I don’t know any Peacemaker comics but after The Suicide Squad I realised the character is unintentionally funny and this series continues with that and makes the character even funnier than he was in the movie. The jokes are not cringe or awkward but are actually pretty funny and land perfectly at least 90% of the time.

Peacemaker is not the only funny character but actually all the characters are really funny, the series’ comedy is really well written and it managed to get a bunch of chuckles from me while I was watching. The series is on its own pretty goofy and I enjoyed that.

The Action and Gore


The series doesn’t really have a lot action sequences and a bunch of gore but the amount we are shown in the first 3 episodes make me very hyped to see what they’ll do with the remaining 5.

The first 3 episodes offered quite a few explosive scenes and some gore which where pretty good and close to movie quality. I think this series can only get better in this department.

The New Characters

From Eagly to Sophie Song to Vigilante and Judomaster, this series has shown us a lot of new very funny characters that make the series even more funny than it already is. No one really stole the spotlight from anyone because I enjoyed every character because they each brought their own type of funny. They are great so far, I liked them all.

Also another thing I just want to point out is how the intro is unskippable, it’s so funny and entertaining I just found myself watching it on every episode because of how serious and goofy everyone was, I don’t know if it’ll get old or annoying but I’m pretty sure it’ll never.

The music

James Gunn has some of the best music selection in the film industry and he showcases that in this series with a pretty cool sounding selection of music. I know like 0% of the songs but they had me bopping my head while I watch, you just have to respect this man’s music selection and the same music is the reason why the intro is so HARD.

John Cena

John Cena as Peacemaker

This character just feels like it was made to be played by John, throughout the watch I really enjoyed watching John play out this character which I never really thought I’d want to see more of after The Suicide Squad. Cena really played this character like his life depended on it, the scenes were played out incredibly and I know they had a bunch of takes.

So what did I hate?

Nothing to be honest, the series started off on a pretty entertaining note and I think it can only get better from here.

Should You Check It out?

Yes you should, just like The Suicide Squad this series is filled with loveable characters, great comedy and action sequences that you’ll enjoy. If you didn’t check out The Suicide Squad (Review here) I think you should because that was pretty good and it will smoothly transition you into this series.

You could also just watch it without watching the movie because the first episode has a “Previously On The Suicide Squad” (Great addition actually) that sort of tells you everything you need to know before jumping in but I do recommend checking out The Suicide Squad.

Out of 10 i’m giving this series a 8/10, it’s pretty good and these episodes have made me excited to see what’s to come.


Peacemaker looks like it will be a one of great superhero series we’ll see this year with its great comedy and cool pool of characters, with only 5 episodes left the series looks like it’ll be a really fun ride.

Have you watched the 3 episodes? What were your thoughts? What would you rate it out of 10 so far? Let’s talk down in the comments or on Twitter, bye.

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