Nobody Review: One Of The Best From 2021

I’ve been waiting really long to watch this movie since I saw it’s first trailer and I finally have and I believe I’m ready to give you my review of Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody.

After being robbed by 2 petty thieves in his suburban house, Hutch Mansell goes to retrieve his daughter’s Kitty cat bracelet which he believed was taken by the thieves. This leads to him going to war with a Russian crime boss after an altercation between Hutch and his Brother (and his men) on the bus.

In this review, I will be telling you 1. What I loved And Hated and then 2. Whether you should check it out or not so let’s begin. If you haven’t checked out any of my other movie reviews you can check them out here and if you wanna check out my series reviews you can click here.

What I Loved And Hated

What I Liked

Bob Odenkirk

Nobody Movie Bob Odenkirk

Bob really made this movie so much better delivering an impressive performance both in terms of script wise and in action sequences. Bob portrays this no F giving action hero who’s unleashed a beast that’s been hidden for a very long time which is exactly what is happening with his character.

Odenkirk gave a really impressive performance that was able to be unintentionally funny and also pretty badass at the same time. His co-stars were good too, Like Aleksey Serebryakov, Christopher Lloyd and RZA, but he was just the standout in the entire movie.

The Action Sequences

This movie really has some impressive action sequences featuring a lot of guns and hand to hand combat which is extremely well coordinated. A lot of people have deemed this movie “the poor mans John Wick” but I personally believe it’s a movie that can go up against the first John Wick movie and come out as the winner.

The movie’s trailer also shows a few action sequences and when you watch the entire movie you are greeted with a lot more sequences with the next one being better than the last one, they are all seriously impressive.

The Comedy

This movie is an action thriller movie but it’s also really funny. Not only because some of the pieces of dialogue but also the performance from Bob Odenkirk. It’s not a serious movie from start to finish instead, a movie that’s able to get a little laugh from you after a really impressive action sequence.

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What I did not like

This movie is just great from start to finish and has no moment that had me wishing I watched something else.

Should You Check It Out

Hell yes, Nobody features some great action sequences with some cool humor while Bob Odenkirk gives you a great performance that makes you wonder why he’s never done one of these before.

Out of 10, I give this movie a 10/10 for it’s impressive action and the great performance from Bob Odenkirk, I seriously cannot wait for the second one.

The movie is just non stop action and when it does pause or slow down you are still entertained throughout. This could possibly be a John Wick competitor that could succeed equally as that franchise or even more if it is handled correctly.


Nobody is an extremely entertaining action movie that delivers on the promises it gave with it’s trailer and gives us one of the best Bob Odenkirk performances we’ll ever get.

Have you checked out Nobody? Leave a comment with you thoughts and your personal rating below an also check me out on Twitter or Instagram, I post a bunch of unnecessary stories there.

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