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Netflix Price Increase, Red Notice 2 & 3 And More News

Hello there everyone, today is Saturday 15 January, 2022 and I’m here to give you this weeks biggest Hollywood news of cause these are some of my favorite picks from the week.

A Lot of things happened this week which is good because I thought I hadn’t done these weekly news update posts in a while, if you haven’t checked out the previous ones you can read them here. without wasting anymore time, let’s begin.

Netflix Price Increase For USA & Canada

Netflix is increasing the price of it’s monthly subscription plans in the US and in Canada. The US will get the following, Basic Plan now at $9.99 (153,59 South African Rands) per month, Standard Plan now at $15.49 (238,15 South African Rands) per month and Premium Plan at $19.99 (307,33 South African Rands) per month.

Canada is luckier only having the Standard Plan increase to $16.49 CAD (202,06 South African Rands) per month and the Premium Plan to $20.99 CAD (257,20 South African Rands) per month. The price increase could be due to the loss of subscribers the streaming giant saw in the regions, Netflix lost four hundred thousand subscribers in the USA and Canada during the second quarter of 2021.

Red Notice 2 and 3 coming soon

Netflix Red Notice
Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds

What seemed to have been already obvious is now confirmed with Deadline reporting to have gotten inside scoop about the sequels to the beloved Netflix Hit movie Red Notice which starred Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot (My review here). Deadline reports that Netflix is in the early stages of preparing to do back-to-back shooting for Red Notice 2 And 3.

Production has not begun but the streaming giant hopes to begin in 2023 depending on the schedules of the very famous stars. The 2 sequels are said to bring back all three original cast member and also bring in new characters that’ll be part of the group and form an Ocean’s Eleven like team.

Shadow And Bones Season 2 Now Filming

The fan favorite fantasy series Shadow And Bones has officially begun production for season 2 and will add 4 new actors. Season 2 will add Patrick Gibson Who’ll play Nikolai Lantsov, Jack Wolfe who will play Wylan Hendricks, Anna Leong Brophy will be Tamar Kir-Bataar and Lewis Tan who will play her twin brother Tolya. To know more about the characters check out this article from

There is no premier date set for the series but I think you can expect it around December 2022 if not mid 2023. I haven’t watched the series but I know it’s loved by a lot of you guys.

The Santa Clause Series in the works at Disney

Disney has begun work on a sequel series for The Santa Clause. The limited series will see Tim Allen reprise his role as Scott Calvin and see the character set out to find a suitable replacement Santa While he prepares his family for a new adventure in the south of the pole.

The series will come to Disney plus with production expected to begin in Los Angeles this March. I remember watching the movies as a kid and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the character.

Real Steel Series in the Works At Disney

Almost 11 years after it’s release, Real Steel could finally make a return with Disney rumored to be developing a series that’ll come to Disney Plus. There is not a lot of information about the series yet as it’s steel in really really early development with Disney reportedly looking for a writer.

I definitely hope this happens because I really loved this movie when I was a kid and wouldn’t mind exploring the movies world a lot more whether it’s with Hugh Jackman or with completely new characters.

Black Panther 2 News

After a 2 month long shutdown due to COVID-19 and Injuries, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will resume filming next week with Letita Wright reported to be healthy and ready to continue filming.

In Other news, Co-star Winston Duke who play M’Baku reportedly got a “Hefty raise for his return to Black Panther” which they say is due to his “Expanded role in the Panther mythos” Could this be sort of confirmation of M’Baku becoming the new Black Panther?


That’s It from me ladies, gentlemen and people who love the crust, now I wanna hear from you guys and some of your thoughts on these news reports.

Do you think M’Baku should be the Black Panther? Do you think they’ll actually make the Real Steel series? What Do You think about the price increase from Netflix? Could It happen anywhere else? I wanna hear from you guys so let’s talk in the comments or on my twitter.

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