Murderville 2021 Review: A Pretty Funny Concept

Netflix has given us a new Crime series and this time it’s a crime comedy series that brings a concept I’ve never seen ever and it’s pretty funny and gets pretty chaotic. This is my review of Murderville.

Murderville is a crime comedy series that see’s Senior Detective Terry Seattle (Played By Will Enertt) try to solve various murders with the help of a celebrity guest that does not have a script so by that you already know it’s kinda chaotic.

In this review I’ll be telling you what I liked and didn’t like in the six episode series and whether I think you should check it out with my rating out of 10 with 0 spoilers. Let’s begin.

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What I Liked And Didn’t Like

What I liked

The Kumail Nanjiani And ken Jeong episodes

Probably the 2 funniest episodes throughout the entire series for me and that’s mostly because it was just genuinely funny and I could see the 2 actors really have a great time unlike other episodes that felt kinda cringe and chaotic but had pretty funny moments. Kumail Nanjiani was really great and delivered so many funny lines with an almost straight face which I could’ve been unable to do.

The 2 episodes didn’t feel like the celebrity guest was competing with Terry to be the funniest but instead they were being taken on this crazy adventure with this even crazier character played amazingly by Will Anertt. Ken Jeong couldn’t even keep it together throughout his episode and it was the funniest thing in the series.

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The Revelations

At the end of every episode the killer is finally revealed and as someone who was watching and trying to figure out who the killer was with the celebrity guest I really enjoyed those final minutes that determined whether I was paying attention or if just I’m extremely dumb, I can confirm I was dumb at least 4 times out of the 6.

The reveals sort of put a great end to episodes that were pretty crazy and made it all worth something, like I was happy I sat through some of those cringe moments to see who the murderer was. Also Haneefah Wood who plays Chief Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle kept delivering on those parts.

Will Anertt Himself

Will Anertt brought back his Lego Batman voice for this role but with so much more raspiness. Will just continuously delivers some great lines throughout the series and most of the things he throws are pretty funny. He delivered some lines while trying to hold back bursting out in laughter especially in the episode with Kumal which made me laugh even harder.

He also manages to get the guest to break character a lot throughout the series which I don’t know about you but that was just proof of how great of a performance he gave.

Some Of the comedy

Look this series is pretty funny but not all the time, I mean I did only point out 2 episode as my absolute favourites so that means out of the 6, I only found 2 to be super funny for me, the others were funny but not as funny as those 2. Some of the episodes contain some pretty cringe jokes or just cringe moments that make it almost impossible to sit through.

On one episode I found myself wishing they had given the guest a script to at least keep everything from not going so sideways but they were pretty funny and every episode was able to get a laugh out of me.

What I Didn’t Like

The Conan O’Brien Episode

I have nothing against Conan O’Brien but this episode felt like he was competing to be funnier than Will which was to be expected because he himself is a funny guy but it also was sort of meh for me to sit through because it just looked liked they were trying to up each other on each joke.

I’m not saying the episode was awful tho, I’m just saying the episode was hard to sit through because it felt more like a competition instead of the fun crazy adventure the other episodes were, It has some pretty funny moment tho.

Should You Check It Out?

Yes, the series is pretty funny and seeing Will and the guest celebrities try their best to stay in character makes it funnier than it already is. I liked the Kumal and Ken episodes more than the others and would highly recommend the series because of those episode but the series itself is funny overall.

Out of 10, I’m giving this series a 7/10 because of those 2 episodes and Will Arnett’s interactions with the guests and some of the comedy aspects.

The series is streaming on Netflix and you can watch it here.



Murderville has a completely brand new concept (at least for me) that really gives you a great laugh and although some of the humor may be cringe depending on who you are, the funny moments really outweigh the cringe moments which is a good reason to keep watching.

Did you watch Murderville? Do you think it should get a second season? Who was your favourite guest? Let’s talk down in the comments.

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