Me Time 2022 Review: Not Good At All

We got another Kevin Hart Netflix movie and after watching this one, I’m starting to believe Netflix just enjoys burning money. This is my review of Me Time

Me Time sees Kevin Hart play a stay-at-home who reconnects with an old friend for a crazy weekend while his wife and kids are away.

The movie stars Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, and Dave‘s Andrew Santino.

In this review, I’ll be telling you what I liked and didn’t like and give you my rating of the movie out of 10 and tell you whether you should check the movie out, so without wasting any more of your time, let’s begin.

What I Liked

Nothing to be honest. There were no highlights in this movie for me and that’s disappointing for a movie with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg.

What I didn’t Like

The special effects

The special effects in this movie were not great at all, we got the kind of special effects you can easily point out while watching and for some people (Myself included) it’s annoying seeing something that’s clearly on a greenscreen or just some badly detailed CGI. I did not expect Marvel movie-type special effects but I also did not expect the special effects to be as terrible as they were.

The Acting

Me Time

I don’t know if I was the only one who noticed this but the acting felt very forced, especially from Mark Wahlberg. As I was watching it just looked like the two stars were just being forced to do the movie, the delivery and just generally acting was pretty bad and It just made the watching experience awful.

I love Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg movies and think they are both great actors but this was one of their worst performances, the 2 actors have played goofy reckless characters before I just don’t know how they were able to be so bad in this though.

The Story Itself

The movie is a buddy comedy movie and although it had some comedy, it was not good comedy. I found the story to be pretty boring with a sprinkle of a few hahaha moments that tried to keep you watching but after that you just go back to a badly written movie that feels like it was given little to no effort. I cannot recall anything that I found interesting in the movie’s story, it was so boring to watch and the comedy of it was predictable.

The writers did not put any effort in making this movie fun to watch or just good, it had a plot that was all over the place making the movie pretty bad…

My Rating Out Of 10

With no highlights, this movie could be the worst Netflix movie to come out this year and at this point I can’t expect a lot of good movies from the streamer.

I am giving Me Time a 3 out of 10.

I wish they tried to make this movie enjoyable or patched it up enough to make it a family movie because at least it would entertain the kids. Kevin Hart gave the same performance again and It’s not even entertaining anymore especially watching how good he was in True Story or Fatherhood.

The movie had jokes but I just felt like the only person who would find them funny is someone a lot younger than me or a lot older than me, by a lot.

Should You Watch It?

No, the movie is terrible. If you still want to watch a Kevin Hart buddy comedy movie you can just watch The Man From Toronto.

Me Time is streaming on Netflix.

I didn’t enjoy the movie, it’s starting to look like Netflix is just investing in these huge names to try to keep people on the streaming service without stopping to see if the scripts are actually good. It took me 2 days to fully finish this movie after stopping midway because it got too cringe or boring.

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