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Man vs. Bee Series Review: Bean Vs. Bee

Rowan Atkinson’s latest production is here and it’s in the form of Netflix’s Man Vs. Bee series. This is my review of Man Vs. Bee, Now Streaming on Netflix

Starring and created by Rowan Atkinson (and Will Davies), Man Vs. Bee sees a man enter war with a beer after it enters a house he is housesitting, this results in destruction of so many things. The series has short 10 or so minute long episodes.

In this review I’ll be telling you what I liked and did not like about the overall series and my rating out of 10 and whether I think you should check it out if you haven’t.

What I Liked

Rowan Atkinson

Man Vs. Bee

I haven’t seen live action Rowan Atkinson in a long time and it was really great seeing him in this and see him almost (if not exactly) the same entertaining performance we’ve seen him give in his Mr. Bean movies. Rowan was really great in this and I just enjoyed seeing him give a performance that both parents and their children will have a ball watching.

It’s Very Funny

Like I said, Rowan gives his Mr. Bean performance in this movie and the movie itself is just a Mr. Bean movie with a different skin (Hence the title of this review) and if you know the Mr. Bean movies (And series) you know how entertaining they were with little to no dialogue and this series is that and a bit more.

It has this childish comedy that we’ve enjoyed from watching Mr. Bean and I definitely enjoyed watching it, it may not be an exact Mr. Bean lookalike but it shares a lot with those movies and series, it’s just a switch off your mind and just enjoy goofy comedy going on.

Those Bee VFX

I don’t wanna talk too much about this but I enjoyed the VFX for the bee and I was mostly impressed because this is just a series and those usually don’t get the best VFX treatment but they gave this one great treatment you’d almost think there was a trained bee on set.

What I didn’t Like

I liked everything about the series, even it having 10-20 minute long episodes because that also made it a quick watch for me and at the end I didn’t feel like I wasted a lot of timeā€¦ Even though it’s about 1 hour 9 minutes long.

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My Rating Out Of 10

Netflix’s Man Vs Bee is a hilarious series and thats all thanks to the always amazing Rowan Atkinson and his great perfomance.

Out of 10, I’m giving Man Vs. Bee an 8.

It may not have gotten a 10 from me but that’s because of some tiny nitpicks I have but I promise you it’s a really great watch. If you haven’t watched the series, I really recommend you do as this is a great series for you and the kids.

The series is available to stream on Netflix

If you never found any Mr Bean content or the Johnny English stuff entertaining then I suggest you skip and wonder why you don’t have a heart.


Man Vs Bee feels like it’s subtly dedicated to all the Mr Bean fans who have been waiting to get another Mr Bean Movie for years and I think it satisfies that group of people. I enjoyed the series and think anyone who walks into the series expecting to just watch goofy entertainment wil enjoy it.

What did you guys watch Man Vs Bee? What did you think about it? Would you watch a second season if it was made? Let’s talk down in the comments or on Twitter, bye.

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