Worth The Popcorn? Malcolm And Marie 2021 Review

Well well if it isn’t a new Netflix movie for the month of February 2021 (which is movie waaaayyyy too quick if I must add) and this movie is a really really not bad movie, This is my review of Malcolm And Marie.

Malcolm And Marie stars Zendaya and John David Washington as the main and only characters in this extremely black and white. John David Washington stars as a filmmaker who enters a night long argument with his girlfriend (played by Zendaya obviously) after the premier of his movie whose story made his career.

I watched this 1 hour 45 minute long movie and I am ready to share my review. In this review like (my other) I will tell you 1. What I loved and Hated and then 2. Whether you should check it out so let’s begin.

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What I loved And Hated

What I Loved

The performances

Malcolm And Marie

The movie has 2 characters so you expect nothing but perfect performances because they determine whether you should keep watching and the 2 stars really shined. Zendaya is one of the greatest actresses of my generation and she showcases that in this, sis really went hard and delivered an amazing performance that had me siding on her character they entire argument and whenever she’s hurt I felt hurt too.

John David Washington was also good as the sort of insercure character, the 2 actors are really able to keep you glued and interesting despite it having only 2 stars.

The Story

The story in this is DEEP and really well written, the movie has some funny elements throughout but it’s not too much because when it starts to unfold it’s full story, it really goes super hard on it’s main themes and tries to get a tear out of you.

Another thing that I thought was pretty cool about this is how realistic it sort of is, the story is something we usually see in other people’s relationships and actually our own relationships, that was really interesting to watch.

What I Hated

To be honest there’s nothing to hate, if you hate movies that are in Black And White then maybe you might hate that but that’s something I sort of ignored and got over quick and ended up liking it. The movie itself is a good drama with 2 stars giving their all.

Should You Check It Out?


I think you should, this movie is not competing to be movie of the year but it feels like it can compete for the title because it offers a good story and 2 great characters that are giving their all. Zendaya is the main reason I’d say you should watch it but also the great story is another reason.

Out of 10, I give this movie a 9/10. It was a random pick to watch and jumping into it expecting nothing, I was not disappointed. I was surprised by the Black And White but then I just got over it quick.

You can Check out the movie on Netflix here


Malcolm And Marie is such a well written movie that is acted out amazingly by the 2 stars, the whole time I was watching I couldn’t believe how realistic and true the performances were from both actors. Although Malcolm And Marie is more of a dialogue between 2 characters it’s pretty fun to choose a side between the 2 characters and bringing you own points and try to make everything make some sort of sense.

Did you check out the movie? What did you think about Zendaya in this? let’s talk down in the comments below.

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