Luca Review: A Lovely Adventure For All

One of my most hyped up movies of this month Luca is out and it is everything I expected and more, in this Luca review I’ll be telling you 1. What I Loved and Hated in the movie and 2. Whether you should watch it.

Luca tells a beautiful story of friendship and taking big leaps towards your dreams with an amazing animation style and here’s what I loved while watching it.

1. What I Loved And Hated

Let’s start with what I loved.

The Story

The story in this movie is really really beautiful, it captures you as the viewer and has you loving each and every character in its world and hating the bad guys accordingly. The movie is able to tell the story of friendship in a way that doesn’t seem forced or cringe if you are an adult but just really interesting, it gets you hooked and ready for the adventures ahead no matter how old or young you are you will enjoy the experience. Every moment in the movie is just perfect.

The story also has you drowning in tears whenever there’s an emotional scene, It is a really heartwarming story no lie.

The animation style

Look at this beautiful animation man WOW

The animation style in this movie is truly beautiful. The world of Luca is really colorful and not the type of colourful that looks like a rainbow threw up In a paint factory but the type of colourful you just enjoy seeing, from the colors of the water to the beautiful blues and amazing greens everything just looks amazing.

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Also the character designs are definitely great, They are sort of like the designs from Moana or Coco, the animation is really great and attractive.

The comedy

This movie is funny I mean of cause if you’re an adult it’s not the leave you laughing on the ground type funny but it’s the smile and think “Oh wow that actually funny” and you get so many of those moments you just end up loving the movies humor.

The kids will definitely love the comedy in it too because well how many kid do you know don’t like seeing cartoon characters fall down and be silly?? None of cause.

The voice acting

We don’t talk about voice actors enough to be honest and in this movie the voice actors really go in on the voices for their great characters, you just get in on the moment and it’s all thanks to the voices that are well…. Well spoken? Whatever it may be they are done really great lol.

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That’s all I absolutely loved in the movie and I’m sure you wanna know what I hate well, nothing. The movie delivers on everything it promised to give us in the trailers, a fun adventure.

2. Should you watch It?

Luca Movie Review

Yes, watch it. Luca is a really amazing movie that starts and completes it’s story perfectly and makes you think “Damn…. They really created this from home, wow.” and most likely “They were best friends, why am I crying???” with tears in your eyes… Or was that just me?

The movie is as good as The Mitchells Vs. The Machines and definitely deserves a spot on the Top 20 best movies of the year.

Also this movie is pretty looking, I know I said that already but it’s like really really pretty. Did you see the pictures I put on here fam??? This movie is gorgeous seriously.

Lets talk down in the comments. Did you watch the movie? Did you love it or was it just another ordinary Pixar movie to you? And don’t let the Bruno in your head tell you what you can and cannot do.

Anyway subscribe to the website, like the post, order pizza eat it at 9PM, leave some for tomorrow and enjoy microwave warmed pizza and it’s amazingness. Thank you for reading and remember WHATSI WRONGI WITH YOU STUPIDO!!!

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