Love Death Robots Volume 2 Review

Hello there ladies, gentleman and the toaster that’s definitely not gonna kill me and you are now reading the review of Netflix’s Love Death Robots Volume 2 and wowzers, I love this series so much man.

My review will focus on telling you 1. What You Will Love And Hate in the series and 2. Whether it’s worth a watch, let’s get to it.

1. What You Will Love And Hate

Love Death Robots Volume 2
Image: Netflix

Volume 2 of Love Death & Robots has fewer episodes than season 2 but is there anything to love in the series? Yes, a lot.

Firstly you’ll love the animation styles

Image: Netflix

Love Death + Robots is mostly loved and known for it’s great animation and it’s being an Anthology series (every new story there’s a new animation style). From the first Stop motion to fully CGI episodes, the series delivers some amazing styles in it’s second season just like the first.

The animation styles really make every episode unique and in some cases, every episode feels and looks better than the previous.

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Secondly you’ll love the stories

Love Death + Robots
Image: Netflix

Although they are not as great as the stories from season 1, season 2 still manages to deliver weird and really amazing stories that are able to leave you either scratching your head or trying to find your jaw that’s dropped to the floor to under your couch.

Some of the stories in this season (like in season 1) end with a sort of cliffhanger that need you to actually think and make up your own theories and when you check out the breakdowns and see the deeper meanings of the episodes you sort of like them a lot more, I know I certainly did.

Thirdly you’ll love the great voice acting

With great animation series comes great animation voice actors, I believe uncle Steve Harvey said that…. Or was it Ben Harvey? Either way it’s true, the voice actors give some good voice acting on every episode which is something I loved especially after watching Mark Hamill break down his past voice acting jobs on YouTube.

Image: Netflix

Also, Michael B. Jordan and his moustache are in the season and they also give a great performance.

Apart from there being less episodes I believe there’s nothing you can hate in this season because it still offers the same great quality animation and greatly written stories, you are bound to find a favourite episode especially if you binge watch the entire series(It’s only 8 episodes).

2. Is it worth a watch?

Image: Netflix

Yes, absolutely, since we’re not getting another season of Black Mirror this series scratches the itch of wanting a series that makes you fear what’s coming in the future while also making you laugh and in some episodes make you say “Awwww” and maybe tear up… I did not tear up tho… okay maybe just a bit.

Out Of 10, I give season 2 a 10/10. I just truly love this series more than anything on Netflix right now and I will never not love it.

Season 2 of Love Death & Robots is on Netflix right now like while you read this it has been on Netflix for some time and you should definitely check it out.

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