Love Death + Robots Volume 3 Episodes Ranked From Great To Good

The third season/volume of one of the best series on Netflix landed on the 20th of May and just like the volumes before it, It delivered some of the best episodes of the entire series. This is my ranking of all Love Death + Robots Volume 3 episodes.

I did another ranking but with Marvel Studio’s What If…? series so you can check that one out and I did a review of Volume 2 of Love Death + Robots and you can check that out too because it’s my thoughts on every episode of this series.

I will be ranking these series from Best to Okay, this is because the episodes were not at all awful just that some of them weren’t as fun as others in the series.

Mason’s Rats

Love Death + Robots Volume 3

Welcome to the Ratpocalypes! Farmer Mason knows he has a real pest problem when they start shooting back. This episode not only had some of the best gore in the series but it had a pretty amazing story in my opinion. The episode was funny and the way it had a happy ever after ending just made me love it even more, this plus all the gore and funny yet amazing action sequence made this episode a top-tier episode of the series.

Night Of The Mini Dead

Love Death + Robots Volume 3

A couple’s fun time at a cemetery ends badly when they kick off a worldwide mini zombie plague. This episode was cute and really funny to watch, it reminded me a bit of Netflix’s Army Of The Dead with how things quickly go out of control and also reminded me of the minions with how the mini people spoke to each other. It was a fun little episode that I really liked almost more than all the other episodes in this volume

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

Morden Warfare meets elder gods. A special forces squad on a hostage rescue mission finds themselves trapped in a prison containing an age-old evil. As the description states “Morden Warfare meets elder gods” with a tad bit of horror elements, this episode was the most thrilling of this Volume and featured the second most gore in the volume which at some point almost looked too graphic but also really really impressive. This episode was almost going to be my number one but Manson’s Rats impressed me a lot more than it did.

Bad Travelling

Shot from Love Death + Robots Volume 3

A ship’s crew member sailing an alien ocean strikes a deal with a ravenous monster of the deep. This episode had the most gore (yes more than Manson’s Rat) and it leaned more toward a drama thriller with a story filled with backstabbing tense scenes between crew members and the monster itself. I liked this episode because of the impressive amount of detailing on it, It almost felt like deleted footage from the Pirates Of The Caribean movie with how realistic it looked and how much detail was put on the monster, it was a really beautiful episode.

Kill Team Kill

US Special Forces are trained to neutralize any threat, even a cybernetic killing machine created by the CIA. This episode had similar animation to Volume 1’s Sucker Of Souls and Fish Night which was refreshing to see after a bunch of super-realistic episodes but apart from that the episode also had a funny story and had a bunch of gore to accompany the story that was funny and really well written to, this episode is also a bit of a thriller that had me on the edge of my couch for some time, I really enjoyed this.

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

The 3 robots we fell in love with in the first volume and this time take a tour of Humankind’s last attempts to save itself. This episode was just fun to watch man, it’s the 3 robots, what more do you want me to say… I love those 3.


A deaf knight and a siren of myth become entwined in a deadly dance. It’s a fatal attraction infused with blood, death, and treasure. This episode, more than anything, was beautifully choreographed and was completely different from these other episodes in the series and just had a beautiful story with great choreography.

The Very Pulse Of The Machine

With a similar animation style as Volume 1’s Fish Night, this episode also takes us on a psychedelic trip after an exploratory mission to a Jovian moon ends in disaster. We go through this psychedelic but really beautiful journey with the lone survivor and I did like it but I didn’t find the episode generally good or interesting. I liked it but it wasn’t as top tier as the others.


2 human scientists study the secrets of an ancient alien entity but learn the horrible price of survival in a hostile universe. This episode was not all that, to be honest, I think it’s one of those episodes you either get or don’t get at all and I for one did not get it at all, it was nice but was not as eventful as the other episodes which is why it is ranked last.

You can check out the Anthology series now available to stream on Netflix


This Volume had one more episode than Volume 2 and although it did not have as many episodes as Volume 1, it was able to tell a lot of amazing stories that I and many fans of the series really loved. Here’s to hoping Netflix keeps making these and that Volume 4 gets 12 episodes.

What was your favorite episode of this Volume and what is your favorite episode in the entire series? Let’s talk down in the comment and don’t forget to share if you enjoyed reading this.

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