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Let’s Talk About Netflix Gaming, Can it Save Netflix?

Netflix Gaming is probably one of the most wtf and sort of interesting news we’ve gotten from the streaming giant and after their first purchase of a gaming studio I thought maybe I should talk about this new venture Netflix is diving into in the persuit for subscribers.

In this post I’ll be looking at the following:

How Netflix Gaming Will Work

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Game streaming is basically running a game on another much powerful PC in a different country(Sometimes it may be in your country) and the service provider provides you with a live feed of the video and audio from the PC, all you need is a pretty fast network connection, a display (Phone or Laptop) and a controller and the rest will take care of itself.

Game streaming (LIke movie/series streaming) needs you to have a great network connectivity as it needs to take your inputs and turn them into game commands and just like movie/series streaming, game streaming needs a lot of data and the more data you have the better quality of game in terms of graphics and general perfomance so having an unlimited data plan will be extremely helpful.

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So When Is It Coming?

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Well actually pretty soon, with Netflix already starting to test games on Android phones in certain countries like Poland, Spain and Italy. The games themselves are not AAA games but they are games that were previously for sale on the Play Store now they are being offered for free on the Netfix App so we can expect gaming on mobile to be rolled out first before other platforms.

“Hey Eddy what about Iphones?? Do they get the games??” Well No you do not, you see IOS and the Apple store have a bunch of rules about which game or app can go in and out of their store which means we may not see the games Netflix owns out of the App store and into the app anytime soon or until the Xbox Vs. Apple trial is over.

The Hardware To Be Used

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Netflix themself have said you will only need your netflix subscription to play their games and that raises a few question on my side like for example will I use the controller I already have to play these game (An Xbox or Playstation Controller) or will they configure the games to be able to use remote controlls as controllers?

It is extremely early to say whether we’ll see any form of hardware that will be used to play the games on bigger screens but it is a known fact that you will need to use a controller or 2 and that will mean Netflix will either have to make their own gaming controllers to be sold separatley like the Google Stadia OR talk to Xbox and Playstation to allow you to play netflix games using their controllers.

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With so many smart TVs and streaming boxes in the market I think it’s safe to say you won’t have to buy a separate streaming box or console from netflix in order to play your games on TVs or laptops but then again will netflix still allow streaming on consoles since they are just purely for gaming with netflix and other streaming services being placed as extra features.

Will The feature be locked from Game Consoles?

The topic above this is the reason for this one, You see if netflix opens the game streaming feature to consoles it will just be pointless because well why would one switch on their Xbox One, go to the Netflix app and play games there?I guess it could be to play their exclusive games but then again I don’t see myself doing that tbh.

I personally believe Netflix will be forced to make their own stream box thing that will act as a console for your games and a streaming box for your movies and stuffy stuffs but we’ll have to see whether they cut the feature from consoles which is pretty expected to me because it is supposed to be an alternative.

Will Netflix make their own games?

Well of course they will, Netflix themselve already have mobile games out in certain countries and those games are based on their TV series not only that but Netflix have already purchased their first gaming studio so we may see Netflix making a bunch of games in house and also maybe buy well know titles for their platform just like what Google Stadia did.

The purchasing of Gaming studios may not stop at just one as the streaming giant will want to make bigger AAA games that will attract more and more frequent gamers so I believe we should be ready to see more announcements of Netflix buying new Game studios.

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Will It achieve what netflix hopes to Achieve

So the fact that the gaming feature won’t effect pricing will work as a huge advantage for Netflix in keeping the newcomers on their service, if a person subscribes to play games at some point they’ll start watching the interesting content and end up keeping their subscription for the content alone.


Netflix’s competition continues to grow within the streaming markert and their full leap into the gaming sector may look like a huge risk that may see no positive outcome, I believe it will be one of the things that help Netflix stay relevent and retreat the subscribers they have lost from other new Streaming giants like HBO Max, Disney Plus and heck even Peecock. We can only wait and see what the streaming giant has in store for the gaming world and whether it can bring some great looking title to people who might never afford a PS5 or Xbox One Series X (Me, I’m the people).

Will you be checking it out early when it’s available? Or do you prefer to use things when they are fully developed and bugles? Let’s talk down in the comments, leave a like and I’ll see you on my review of Dune.

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