Knock At The Cabin (2023) Review: Another Good M. Night Movie

Knock at the cabin came out and it was not received as well as I thought it would be received by critics so I just ignored it until I finally decided to give it a try and all I can say is WOW. This is my review of M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock At The Cabin

Knock At The Cabin is a 2023 M. Night Shyamalan movie based on a novel called The Cabin at the End of the World. The movie see’s a couple and their daughter get visited by 4 mysterious people at their cabin asking that they make a hard decision to save humanity.

The movie currently sits fresh on rotten tomatoes at 67% with over 300 reviews. It grossed over 53 Million Dollars on a budget of $20 million.

If you remember how we do these then you know I start by telling you what I liked and didn’t like, my rating out of 10 and whether you should watch it or not. You can check out my review of Prey, one of the best Predator movies.

What I Liked

The Cast

Knock At The Cabin 2023

Dave Bautista is definitely a highlight in this movie adding on to the long list of reasons why he’s one of the best athlete turned actors. He plays another character with glasses like he did in Blade Runner and like in that movie he really nails the performance, it’s hard to believe his character actually is a school teacher but the more we watch the more we learn that the character is just a big softie

We also have Rupert Grint from the extremely successful Harry Potter franchise and despite not have a long screen time, he gives a really great performance that made me wonder why we don’t see him in movies or in serious roles. These 2 actors were not the only good thing about the movie, the couple are played really well by Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge and they are able to carry the film when Dave’s character makes a departure. Other cast members included Nikki Amuka-Bird (Who gave an excellent performance as well), Abby Quinn, Kristen Cui and more.

There was also classic M. knight cameo in this which I found funny, he really wants to be in everything he works on lmao.

The story

The movie is based on a novel called The Cabin at the End of the World and I read the plot of the novel and I have to say I’m glad they didn’t make it exactly as how it is in the novel. The story is light and does bring anything new to the thriller genre but it’s able to keep you focused and watching as it unfolds. Throughout the watch I kept questioning everything that was happening and to me, it’s a very good sign for any thriller movie trying to keep viewers on their toes.

The lighter ending to this movie was also a good choice to make, I think if the ending was as dark as it was in the novel it would’ve left me and probably other viewers kind of angry but also understand. I think the ending was just a good “ncoww” moment, it was heartwarming after all the insanity that unfolded before our eyes BUT I think the ending we get in the novel would’ve probably been one of the standout things of the movie, the ending is so cold and dark that it would’ve been what people don’t expect and talk about for a long time.

What I Did Not Like

I don’t have anything I can say was a huge flaw in the movie that made my watching experience bad, the movie was not perfect but it was not bad either. It’s one of those movies that have no flaw but it’s not completely perfect. I think this is why most critiques did not like it as much, the movie did not bring anything new to the thriller genre, it was just an ordinary good M. Night Shyamalan movie. It’s greatest offering was a great cast performance and a good “Safe” story.

Should You Watch It And My Rating

If you’re looking for a good Friday night movie yeah definitely. You won’t be talking about it a lot after watching but you’ll definitely enjoy watching it and you’ll enjoy the cast and the perfect performances from everyone. The movie is not a top 5 M. Night Shyamalan movie but it’s a great movie from the director.

A lot of people pointed out how it’s a cash grab that exploits religion and to be honest, I did not see or think of that when I was done watching and while I was watching. I just thought it was ordinary and like some people on the interweb pointed out, a safe movie from the director.

I give the movie a 7/10. It’s a good movie I swear, it just… doesn’t have that spark that sets it apart from other M. Night Shyamalan movies and despite it being perfect I still feel like there’s something missing from it, I don’t know what it is but I know it’s missing something.

Visit the Knock At The Cabin website to see how you can watch the movie.

This has been my review of Knock At The Cabin, a good thriller movie that feels like it had potential to be better than it is but the choice of taking the safe route made it predictable with the cast and usual great directing from M. Night Shyamalan being the only highlights.

Have you watched the movie? Let me know your thoughts below and tell me which movie you’d like to see get a review on the site, peace.

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