Inventing Anna Review: Mighty Long But Pretty Interesting

Inventing Anna is Netflix’s new limited drama series that’s based on a true story, this 9 episode series stars Ozark’s Julia Garner.

Inventing Anna tells the story of A journalist who starts investigation on the case of Anna Delvey an Instagram legendary German heiress who stole the hearts of New York’s social scene while also stealing their money.

In this review, Like my many other reviews, I will be telling you what I liked and didn’t like then whether I think you should check it out and my rating out of 10, so let’s begin.

What I Liked And Didn’t Like

What I Liked

The Story

Inventing Anna

This story is pretty good, It’s based on a true real life events and it is pretty crazy that all this actually happened. There aren’t a lot of moments I found myself on the edge of the seat but just sitting and taking in all the information that was being fed to me. I did enjoy seeing the story slowly develop and learning more about the different characters throughout the series.

I also thought the main story itself was quite interesting and kept me watching although the were other things that I felt could do with more development but obviously since it’s a true story you can’t really develop anything any further than what’s already given. The other stories of the victims were okay too and I liked how we got to see each victims story on each episode and seeing how this pretty clever lady swindled them out of thousands.

The ending was also great and I found the last 3 episodes to be the most fun, not because I couldn’t believe I was almost done watching and I could get up and walk around but mainly because that’s were all the drama really peaked (In my opinion) and that’s were I sort of started liking other characters.

Julia Garner

I watched 1 season of Ozark and absolutely loved Julia Garner’s performance in it so jumping into this I only expected a great performance and sis really delivered. Julia has this Germain accent and it’s so funny but overall sis gave a great performance whether it was the moments of Anna’s breakdowns or it was the fierce business lady of Anna, Julia just delivered on every aspect.

The rest of the cast were also good but Julia stood out with how impressive her acting was especially after watching that one single season of Ozark where her character was the complete opposite of her Anna character.

The music

I liked the music, sure it felt out of place sometimes but I just like listening to good music and this had a collection of pretty good popular music that randomly came in and I enjoyed the it obviously some of the music I didn’t know but I still enjoyed the hip hop and the other songs I hadn’t heard but would actually check out.

What I didn’t like


Like I said in my review of All Of Us Are Dead, this is more of a personal complaint but this series is 9 episodes long with each episode being over 1 hour long so if you want to watch this I wouldn’t recommend watching this on a Sunday night or any night during the week because you definitely won’t finish the whole thing in one sitting, that is very impossible.

Do I think there were things that could’ve been cut out? Yeah they should’ve cut out some bits or at least made them a bit shorter because each episode being an hour long just felt waay too much for me especially since I felt like I was sitting through some pretty unnecessary amounts of dialogue.

Anna Chlumsky

I don’t know man, I just didn’t like Anna Chlumsky‘s portrayal of her character. A some points it felt a bit emotionless and as if the actress wasn’t putting any effort into her portrayal of the character. There were moments were I was like “she delivered that pretty well” and other times I just didn’t like her at all, it might be just who her character is supposed to be but I still felt meh.

Should You Check It Out?

Inventing Anna

Yeah I think you should, the series is actually interesting and watching everything unfold was really entertaining(sad.. but entertaining), the performance Julia Garner gives is enough for you to keep watching. So if you’re thinking of watching this 9 hour long series I say go ahead.

Out of 10, I’m giving this series a 7/10. It’s not fantastic but it’s really interesting and the performance Garner gave was a real highlight throughout the series, The reviewers are giving the series a 6/10 and I think that’s a good score for it.


Inventing Anna was a looong series that had a good story with a pretty okay cast with Julia taking the spotlight from everyone and being one of the 2 things that kept me watching the second being the story itself.

This has been my review of Netflix’s Inventing Anna a series that’s based on a true story and that story is enough to keep you watching till the end, that’s if you do reach the end. What did you think of Inventing Anna? Was it worth the time? Let’s talk in the comments below for now, Peace.

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