Hustle Movie Review

Hustle 2022 Review: A Must-Watch

The new Adam Sandler X Netflix movie is finally out and it weirdly came out on a Wednesday (I thought it’d at least get a Friday release.) This is my review of Netflix’s Hustle.

Hustle follows a down on his luck basketball scout played by the great Adam Sandler, who risks his career to get him and a phenomenal streetball player from Spain into the NBA. The movie stars Adam Sandler, Juancho Hernangomez, and Queen Latifah and has various Basketball stars making cameos. Here’s a list of all the cameos from For The Win.

In this review, Like the many others, I’ll be telling you what I liked and Didn’t like and then my rating out of 10 and whether you should check it out. Without wasting any more time, let’s start.

What I Liked

The Cast

Adam Sandler was totally amazing in this movie, giving a (dare I say) Oscar-worthy performance throughout the movie. Sandler was not the only one that gave a great performance though, Juancho Hernangomez, Queen Latifah, Anthony Edwards, and the rest of the cast gave amazing performances that made this movie a really solid movie that you can tune into and thoroughly enjoy.

The cast make the movie enjoyable and at no point did I find the acting bad or cringe, I liked everything and it was as if the movie had no visible flaw.

The Story

A very emotional, motivational, and sometimes funny story that makes you like Basketball after watching. The story was well written and although the movie is really long they were able to tell the entire story and it did not feel like anything was missing or anything was skipped. They also built the friendship between Sandler’s Stanley Sugerman and Juancho’s Bo Cruz really well, I was rooting for them to succeed and get the W that they definitely deserved.

While we’re still on the character of Bo Cruz, I really liked his story. The character was just lovable and kinda goofy but pretty serious too and to top it off Juancho gave a great performance.

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The Directing

I did question whether I should add this as something I liked and something people might like watching but I really liked how they directed this movie. There were some instances where we got up close with players when it was a basketball session but there were also other scenes that had blurry edges and placed my focus on the characters in the scene and I just weirdly liked that, I don’t know if anyone else noticed it and liked it as much as I did but I liked it a lot.

What I Did Not Like

I didn’t find anything I didn’t like with this movie, I thought it was actually great. The almost 2-hour run time might be scary for most but I didn’t mind it because they used it effectively.

My Rating

Hustle Review Netflix

Out of 10, I’m giving this movie a 10. I really enjoyed the movie and it was worth giving all my attention, the performances from the cast and the really great story drew me in and kept me watching until the credits started rolling. This was a top-tier Basketball movie and a top-tier Adam Sandler movie.

Should You Check It Out

Well, I gave it a 10/10 so I think you definitely should check it out because it is well worth the watch and although the 1-hour 57-minute run time may look scary, I promise you it is well worth it.

Also, I think you’ll have a fun time pointing out all the NBA legends and newbies you notice throughout the movie if you’re a basketball fan.


Hustle is a really great movie that gives us an amazing Adam Sandler performance and a story that is also equally great. The movie gets a 10/10 from me and with an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes this movie is a definite must-watch.

What is your review of the movie? Did you check it out yet? Which Adam Sandler movie is your favorite? Let’s talk down in the comments.

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[…] Check out my review of Adam Sandler’s Hustle […]

[…] Check out my review of Adam Sandler’s Hustle […]

I watched this movie 3 months ago and again 2 weeks ago.. i watch it when i get into depress feeling and its so inspirantional, adam sandler is real goat, the Qouetes of movie is so deep.. memorial and exciting.