How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding Review

How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding continues the tradition of being the perfect SA series by ticking every box in the list of SA series essentials. I am always looking forward to watching Netflix SA original content because it always features great cast, great stories and an amazing soundtrack.

Shout out to Sandile Mahlangu who got 2 weddings in one year DURING COVID, the boss energy.

How To Ruin Christmas: The wedding see’s Tumi try to make things right after ruining her sister’s wedding plans, all before Christmas day.

In this review I will be telling you 1. What I liked and didn’t like and then 2. Whether you should check it out so let’s begin.

What I Liked And Didn’t like

Let’s start with what I liked.

The Story

How To Ruin Christmas

The story we get in this season of How To Ruin Christmas is really good bringing in some emotion and a lot of funny moments that had me laughing a couple of times. The writers were able to mix the drama, comedy and romance pretty well and in a way that didn’t slow the series down and actually made it overall enjoyable.

There were various tension filled moments within the series that were pretty good and did not disturb the pace of the episodes and they also did not make the episodes a complete bore fest instead, a really fun rollercoaster.

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The Cast

This series really showcases the amazing acting talent we have in SA. The cast includes Busi Lurayi, Thando Thabethe, Sandile Mahlangu, Yonda Thomas, Rami Chuene, Desmond Dube, Motlatsi Mafatshe, Trevor Gumbi and many more legendary actors that deliver some great performances throughout the episodes they are in.

Desmond Dube is amongst the actors that really steal the spotlight with every scene they are in, Dube delivers his character really well making his character my favorite throughout the series.

The Soundtrack

One of the highlights and actual requirement of a good SA series is the music and this season gives us a really good basket of music, various hits in SA that had me wondering if it was a dance break or if I should keep watching. The music also fits in well in some scenes with helping elevate the suspense in a scene.

What I did not Like

The episode format

The series has 3 episodes each being over 40 minutes long and I just felt like they could have easily made it a movie but I do see why it was made episodic, I just wish it had at least one more episode.

Apart from that I did not hate anything else, the series does a lot of things really well.

Should You Check It Out?

Yes you should, Overall the series offers enough to make watching every episode worth it. The comedy and drama that’s filled in this series is enough to keep you watching and not be disappointed after watching.

Out of 10 I am comfortable giving How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding a 8/10.


That’s it, that’s my little review of How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, a series that promises you a funny and drama filled experience and delivers on it’s promise really really well.

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If you have not watched this series I do recommend you go ahead and check it out with immediate effect.

How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding season 2 comes on the 10th of December 2021

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