How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral Review: A Second Win

Netflix’s How To Ruin Christmas has returned for a second season in the form of How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral and this time it brings us more episodes, more mouths to feed and more of everything to be honest.

There’s a funeral kwaboTwala and with this funeral obviously comes a lot of drama like usual funerals right? Right guys? No? No one? Okay.

in this review (Like my many other reviews) I will be telling you 1. What I liked and didn’t like and then 2. Whether you should check it out, so without wasting anymore time let’s just begin.

This is my second review of How To Ruin Christmas so if you didn’t check out my review of the first season check it out here.

1. What I Liked And Didn’t like

What I Liked

The Comedy

In season 1 the comedy was really on point and it’s really good to see that they did not sacrifice it for more drama in the second season. This season has comedy that, although is not as great as season 1s, actually lands pretty well with not a lot of cringe comedy moments but more just generally funny moments.

Is there a bunch of comedy here? No there isn’t but it’s good and gives you a great chuckle throughout the season, like the first one.

Rami Chuene and Desmond Dube

The Queen, The Goat, The legend Rami Chuene was amazing in this season. Sis just killed every scene she was in and her interactions with Desmond’s Uncle Shadrack really stole the spotlight from everyone, I liked that we got to see more of her character than in the first season and it was just fun to watch their antics throughout the season.

The Cast (New & Old)

How To Ruin Christmas cast

Season 2 brings in new actors as expected and a lot of them are pretty good and give some pretty good performances. New cast members include the Great actress Thembi Nyandeni, Owen Sejake, and with House Of Zwide’s Khaya Dladla making an appearance.

The original cast also bring their A game with Sandile Mahlangu (although not having a lot of scenes) bringing the best performance, the enter cast delivers at the end of the day making this dramedy a really good dramedy and not just a complete drama series.

Another thing I liked but did not mention in this review because I couldn’t form enough words is the drama in the series, the drama was amped all the way up and was really fun to watch unfold throughout the season.

What I did not like

Less Tumi

This season really has less Tumi and although I was able to ignore it with everything else that was happening throughout the season with other characters, I did sort of want to see more of the character because I really like the character.

Tumi is the character that always starts the drama and then tries to do right or at least resolve the issues she created but in this season she sort of starts the drama then disappears because there isn’t anything for her to solve. Her story with now partner —- is there yes but it’s not AS interesting now, I mean yeah it’s okay but with everything that was happening I sort of meh’d it a bit.

That’s all I hated, the season delivers on what we expected which is comedy and a bunch of drama and the it carried all of that pretty well.

2. Should You Check It out?

Yes you should, How To Ruin Christmas: The funeral gives fans of the series everything they loved from the first season (comedy, drama, great soundtrack and cast) and it does it not ruin any of our expectations.

What they will do for the third season next year is pretty hard for me to guess because it always feels like they can’t continue it but then again that’s what I thought last year and they delivered this great season 2.


How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral delivers on everything it promises, from the great cast to the drama and although the story of Tumi is sort of uninteresting in this season, the writers make it up to you by giving you other drama and comedy filled stories in this season.

Out of 10 I give this season an 8, It was a really good season that had some interesting stories and continued to deliver good comedy that’s sure to entertain you at least a bit. I was afraid that it had a funeral backdrop because well how do you successfully make something like that a dramedy but they were able to pull it off pretty good.

You can check out How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral here

Did you find this review useful? Did you check out the second season of How To Ruin Christmas? What did you think? What did you love or hate about this season? Let’s talk about all of that in the comments below or on my twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to get notified when I post any little ting, I promise you na enjoyment.

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