Futurama Returning Without Bender? Megamind Sequel And More News

It’s another week and after a few weeks of skipping this because depression and yes, Weekly news is back for a few weeks… Maybe.hi

This week had some pretty good news which motivated me to write one of these now so without wasting more time, Let’s Begin

Futurama Returning Without Bender?

The Legendary animated sci-fi series Futurama is finally returning with 20 episodes coming to Hulu soon. The timing is perfect with the rise in popularity of Adult animated series (there’s like more than 10 adult animated series available now). Table reading is said to be happening next week Monday which leads to the big issue here.

The cast of the series will be returning, But it seems like John DiMaggio may be replaced as negotiations for his returned have been stopped with the voice actor. He currently voices King Zod for Netflix’s Disenchantment and has a huge filmography like this man has voiced a bunch of classics, check out everything he’s been in here. I really loved the series as a kid and can’t wait to see how it’ll look and Hopefully they don’t change the animation style too much.

Warner Bros Being Sued over The Matrix 4

Yes that’s right Warner Bros are being sued over the release of the new Matrix movie, The Matrix Resurrections, which was released on the 22nd of December last year in theatres and on HBO MAX. Village Roadshow is suing Warner Bros alleging that Warner Bros did not notify them before opting to put The Matrix 4 on HBO Max.

Last year Warner Bros made a move to release their enter 2021 theatrical slate in theatres and on HBO Max which included movies like The Suicide Squad, Dune and Godzilla Vs. Kong. The Matrix: Resurrections has made over $155 million at the box office (It had a budget of 190 Million… Ouch). Read more about the lawsuit here.

Marvel Casting News

This week we had some Marvel Casting news. The first was the news of Anthony Ramos being cast in Marvel’s upcoming series “IronHeart”, he will be playing a character that’ll only be important in future Marvel films/series like Jonathan Majors‘ Kang. The series is expected to hit Disney Plus possible in 2023 or late 2022 since Riri Williams is expected to make an appearance in Black Panther 2.

The second news was of Russell Crowe being cast in the Upcoming Live Action Kraven The Hunter movie Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Crowe’s role in the movie is currently unknown but rumours suggest he will be a main cast member as a part of the Kraven’s Family, He will be playing Zues in the upcoming Marvel movie Thor: Love And Thunder.

Check out every Marvel And DC movie coming out this year here

A Megamind Sequel???

You remember Megamind right? The 2010 animated movie starring Will Ferrelll, Jonah Hill and Tina Fay well yes that is getting a sequel. Peacock is currently developing said sequel and the reports say the movie will see Megamind go from supervillain to ‘the world’s first ever superhero influencer’ and to that I say please God no.

Peacock also released a sequel to another hit animated movie last year in the form of ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ so I think it’s safe to say they really want a lot of people to become subscribers using pretty bad sequels to classics.

Conclusion And The Oscars

That’s It for this week But another thing I didn’t mention was the Oscar Award nominations, A bunch of movies were nominated from The Power Of The Dog, Don’t Look Up, Dune and many more, Check Out The Nominations here. I wanna know from you guys which movie you thought deserved to be nominated, which movie you think will definitely sweep and which movie you think shouldn’t have been nominated.

I hope to do more of these in the future instead of making them once in a couple of week so leave your boy a like or comment, goodbye.

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