Fatherhood Review: The Best From Kevin Hart

So I went from watching Luca, a sweet animated adventure movie that’s funny and really heartwarming to watching Fatherhood, a movie that’s also heartwarming and really sweet. The only difference is that one of them is an animated movie and one of them features probably one of Kevin Hart’s best acting performances of all time.

This is the Fatherhood Review and (Like my other reviews) I will be telling you what I loved and hated watching this and whether I think you should watch this Netflix original movie.

1. What I Loved and Hated

Fatherhood is a pretty kind and sweet movie but what did I love?

The Story

Fatherhood Review
One of Kevin Hart’s best performances seriously

The story of this movie really pulls at your heartstrings, the first 20 minutes of this movie have you almost crying while watching it and the rest of it continues to leave you with that “Awww” smile people have when they see some cute stuff and things start to come together. I enjoyed the story, it wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little too it’s just perfect for what the movie itself is.

Compared to the last movie I watched (Luca) Fatherhood’s story sort of has more emotion to it because of the performances given by all the actors and because the situation in the story is something that could actually happen (and has happened) to any person out there.

Oh, the story is also based on a true story so that also drives in that “This could happen to anyone” feeling you have.

Kevin Hart’s Performance

Jesus Christ what did they tell Kevin to get him to bring out this performance, Kevin Hart gives such an impressive performance as a the lead really showing us that he can truly act and yes we’ve always known he can act but not at this caliber man damn.

To me, Kevin Hart is the Drake of Comedy (He has a joke for every situation) and now I want to see him become the Will Smith of movies (Jumping from funny good guy roles to a serious drama role) I’d love to see him in more roles like these, roles that sort of test his abilities as an actor and showcase how great he has become at the craft.

The rest of the cast and Melody Hurd (who plays Meddy) were all really good too.

It’s a good mix of Drama and comedy

The movie itself is a very emotional drama movie but since it has Kevin Hart there are some funny parts but they don’t really conflict with the emotional dramaness of the movie. There are some parts where Kevin Hart’s character says some really funny stuff and you can see the actors like genuinely laughing or like on that mothers club scene, you can see some of the actors try to hold in laughs or not laugh too hard.

It’s really good and It really made the movie worth watching, it didn’t feel like a long sad piece but a long pleasant watch.

Now what did I hate? Well only one thing and it feels like a nitpick but I must point this out

It’s pretty long

Now to be honest, I don’t watch a lot of drama movies so I don’t really know how long these movies usually are but I found this one really long and if you’re the type of person who does not like long movies or you just don’t like drama movies specifically then you’ll think it’s long and then think it’s boring.

I liked it but at some points I had to pause and check how long I had been watching it. The movie is just 1 hour 49 minutes long tho.

2. Should you watch this

Yes you should BUT, the movie is almost 2 hours long and it’s a drama movie so not a lot of people enjoy those so if you’re gonna watch this I’d say watch this with a “I’m not busy so I’ll just watch this” mentality but if you are just thinking of watching it I say just watch it and be amazed by Kevin’s great performance. Then cry.

Fatherhood is a little wholesome movie that showcases Kevin Hart’s growth as an actor showing us that he can be more that the funny guy in the movie the whole time and makes you wonder what it would be like if he actually did more drama or serious roles.

Was this review good? Did you check out the movie? What did you think of Kevin Hart’s performance in this? Did you also forget that Kevin is short while watching this or was it just me? Lets talk about that down in the comments where I am residing, leave a like and Byee.

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[…] I wish they tried to make this movie enjoyable or patched it up enough to make it a family movie because at least it would entertain the kids. Kevin Hart gave the same performance again and It’s not even entertaining anymore especially watching how good he was in True Story or Fatherhood. […]