Every Rumored Doctor Strange 2 Cameo

Doctor Strange In Multiverse Of Madness portals to theatres on the 6th of May and there has been a bunch of rumors suggesting tons of cameos are to be expected in the movie.

I have decided to tell you every single rumored Doctor Strange cameo because it’s a bunch of them and I like a few Of them. let’s begin without wasting too much time.

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Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool

Yes that’s right the merc with the mouth may be making an appearance in Doctor Strange 2. Rumors of this cameo were started last year in November when the movie went into significant reshoots from November to the end of the year.

The now Disney Character is said to be part of the many Ex Fox characters to make appearances in Multiverse Of Madness with Deadpool possibly playing an important role as Doctor Strange 2 is said to adapt some parts of the House Of M comic book and Deadpool being the one to replace Wolverine as the character that (SPOILER ALERT) doesn’t lose their memory. I won’t mind seeing Deadpool especially as his movie is said to be coming soon and will be R-Rated. I wrote an article on Disney’s plans for Deadpool a few months ago, check it out here.

Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier

“Patrick Stewart is in Doctor Strange 2” said twitter user MyTimeToShineHello who has posted a bunch of Marvel And DC movie leaks and become the internet’s best source for comic book movie leaks. Professor X had been rumored to be appearing in the movie last year with a picture of Stephen Strange being held by 2 guard characters while looking at Xavier but we did not know whether it was Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy.

The character is said to have a small role but will be significant to the story. This could mean Xavier may introduce the mutants to the MCU or at least offer some wisdom to help fight Wanda who is said to be the villain and I completely believe that after the end of WandaVision.

Tom Cruise’s Iron Man

Tom Cruise is also rumored to sprint into the MCU as an Iron Man variant who has 3 infinity stones and keeps Thano’s Head in a jar of liquid (the most badass MCU thing I’ve ever had). Tom Cruise was one of the actors that were eyed to play the original Iron Man before Downey had the role.

These rumors started wayy before the Loki series introduced variants to the MCU when early rumors suggested there would be an Iron Man variant and when Cruise was spotted in a motion capture suit in the same location the movie had been filming and with the classic Tony Stark mustache the rumors sort of seemed like facts BUUUUT, various trusted leaker also said Tom wouldn’t make an appearance, check this article from BGR.com to read more.

A lot of people don’t like Cruise as the Iron Man but I actually don’t mind seeing that and think it’ll be a fun little cameo if we get to see it.

Ghost Rider

Yessir Ghost Rider is said to make an appearance in the movie but for now it’s unknown who’ll play the character. The character was played by Nicholas Cage previously and now at 58 years old I think it’s fair to assume Cage will return to the role. The only actors that have been rumored to play the character are Keanu Reeves and Norman Reedus and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind them.

It is rumored that the character will be freed from a spiritual prison of some sort in the movie. Which version of the character is expected to appear is currently unkown so it’s a matter of just sitting and waiting to see.

Captain Carter

After voicing the character in “What if?…”, Hayley Atwell will bring her Captain Carter character into the live action world in Multiverse of Madness.

7 months ago, the guys at Giant Freaking Robot reported that Hayley Atwell will return in Doctor Strange 2 and that they had gotten the intell from one of their most trusted and proven insider sources, At the time Marvel’s What If series hadn’t premiered. Check Out that article here.

Tobey Maguire


After appearing in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tobey Maguire is said to return as the web slinger in this movie too but I think only as a cameo. The only hint we have to the possible return is Tobey Maguire himself saying it’s not the last time we see his Spider-Man.

Another hint could be the various rumors suggesting that Sony want’s to have more movies that have all 3 Spidermen. I think it’ll be kinda cool to see Tobey again but then we’ll have to see whether we’ll actually see him there.


Loki’s solo series ended on a pretty timeline breaking note so it’s no surprise the character would find their way to Doctor Strange while searching for Sylvie. The only thing hinting toward the possible return of Loki is the head writer of the show also writing on Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

The series is also confirmed to have a second season so the movie may tie in or at least give people a better transition into the the second season.

John Krasinski’s Reed Richards

The Fantastic 4 movie is in the works and already has a director in Spider-Man’s Jon Watts so the rumored appearance of Reed Richards in this movie does not come as too huge of a surprise. The character is rumored to be appearing as a variant played by John Krasinski who EVERYONE want’s to see play the character in the MCU.

John Krasinski playing the varient version of the character could mean a different character will play the main MCU timeline but I highly doubt that because Marvel knows what the world want’s and they’ll definietly give us that.

This is just the few cameos that are rumoured to be coming but with every leaker giving us this information we’re also told to also remember that some of these cameos may be cut from the final cut to make the movie shorter or to avoid the movie being too flooded.


It is possible for this character to appear as Marvel is diving deeper into the multiverse and the entire sorcery magic stuff so we should expect to see some of these characters.

I for one do hope to see Tom Cruise’s Iron Man and John Krasinski’s Reed Richards. Which cameo are you excited to see? Do you think Tom Cruise makes a good Iron Man? Let’s talk in the comments or on facebook and Twitter.

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