Dune Review: It’s Better Than Expected

It is finally out, one of the most hyped up movies of this year from director Denis Villeneuve with music by the great Hans Zimmer and after watching the full 2 hour and 35 minutes long film I believe I am ready to give you my Dune Review.

Just like with my other review I will be telling you 1. What I loved and hated from the movie and 2. Whether I think you should check it out and of cause I need you to understand that I am not at all a professional reviewer I am a guy who likes movies, series and chocolate so Let’s Begin.

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1. What I Loved And Hated

What I Loved

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The Performances

Rebecca Ferguson gives the best performance in this movie with probably some of the best acting of the year and although I understood almost nothing about this movie I definitely loved Rebecca’s performance. Another actor who gave a great performance was Timothée Chalamet, I don’t know man I just feel like this, Timothée gave a performance that’s Oscar worthy or at least a Oscar nomination worthy because damn son.

The cast was not only amazing but they all gave an excellent performance even if some of them got the shortest amount of dialogue I’ve seen in a movie, #WhytheydothattoDave.

The Visual Effects

Ohh lord the effects in this movie are incredibly beautiful, every CG shot in this movie is really well done with the VFX looking perfectly polished and achieving the out of this world look they were aiming for. The huge vehicles and planes also looked really great, the dragon fly design of that fighter jet/plane thingy looked really good too and the close up showed how greatly detailed and how super professional it was made by the teams.

This isn’t part of the visual effects but I really liked the wardrobe in this movie the sort of weird but kinda futuristic design of the clothing and the soldier amour was pretty great

The Music

The score in Dune is probably the most intense score for a movie this year, the score is able to transform a scene that’s just one guy walking with a mini fleet of ships flying off behind him into a piece of cinematic beauty and I know I sound extremely stupid with that statement alone but damn Hans Zimmer‘s score for this movie is one of the things that make it really good for people who are just casually watching this, the intensity of some scenes is only made a lot better because of the score. I genuinely love this movie’s score gang seriously.

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What I did Not Like

The Story


It’s more of a something I did not really understand, of cause this being based on a novel I have never read makes it pretty hard for me to really be interested or even feel impacted by the story. The story itself is not bad but it’s not an amazing story either because I feel like the people who loved the story are those that know what’s to come whereas I, the person who doesn’t know what’s to come, feels like they have been robbed of a movie that spent the entire time building up the 3rd act that really never comes to light instead it looks like it’s being left for the second part.

Once again I am not saying I hate the story but I am saying it could have been better, it could’ve been much lighter for newcomers to actually catch the drift and know what’s going on instead of feeding us what looks like close to half the story.

That Third Act

Dune Movie Review
Zendaya looks really great fam no lie

The third act almost feels like it does not exist in this with how underwhelming it is. The third act feels as though it was saved for the second movie, the action sequences that come before it are so huge and filled with explosions and all the good Action Sequence stuff and what comes after is really just dull? I don’t know maybe I need to have read the novels to be able to understand it because man.

2. Should You Check It Out?

Actually I believe you should, it may look like a lot of people are overhyping this movie up but in all honesty looking at everything that’s positive (The VFX, The Music and the performances) I think this movie is really worth checking out any way possible, whether it’s on HBO Max or In theaters. I think it’s a movie you really have to see in order to make up your own conclusion.

Not only that but I think the sequel (Which is pretty much confirmed) will be greater than this and will explore and reveal more things about this world which will be cool to see.

I give this movie a rating of 7/10, the movie has a great score, great VFX and some really great performances that make some of the few negatives excusable, the internet is right, this movie is an experience and depending on what you like to see in movies it is a great experience or a boring awful one.


Dune is a movie that has a lot of stand out sequences, performances and showcases some masterclass directing that makes almost every shot look like something that belongs in your desktop or cellphone wallpaper. It is not what I expected but it also did not greatly disappoint me, Dune is a movie you should watch and experience in all it’s greatness.

I have been Eddy, this has been my Dune Review and remember to give maximum effort with all that you do.

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