Death To 2021 Review: It’s Starting To Get Old

2021 was a pretty wild year that took a long time to end and after watching Death To 2021, I realized it took a long time to end because not so many things happened. This is my review of Death To 2021.

In this review I will be telling you 1. What I liked and didn’t like and then 2. Whether you should check it out so let’s begin.

I also reviewed Death To 2020 and you can check that review here

What I liked and Didn’t like

Let’s start with what I Like

Old Characters

Death To 2021

Death To 2021 brings in new characters and although that’s good, the old characters continue to be as entertaining as they were in the first delivering the funniest lines so perfectly.

Diane Morgan and Cristin Milioti were definite highlights and although other great actors did not return from the great Samuel L. Jackson to the great Kumail Nanjiani, they were able to keep it fun and amusing.

I’m not saying the new characters are not great or are not highlights of the film, their characters were okay including Kill Bill‘s very own Lucy Liu who was really great, funny and delivered some extremely funny lines effortlessly.

The Comedy

Many of the jokes were pretty funny while others did not land quite well despite the actors well delivery. I did not expect this one to be as funny as the first one but I can say I liked at least 50% of their jokes which is not bad at all.

Let’s talk about what I did not like

It Didn’t have to be made

You see this second installment just felt to me like it did not have to be made, I understand Netflix want’s this to be a yearly occasion but when the year is as dull as 2 slices of bread it should just be set aside because all it will be is back to back COVID jokes which are sometimes funny but other times, no.

This was filled with a bunch of COVID jokes and I’m not saying they were awful but I’m just afraid they will turn into an every year thing that’ll get annoying after some time.

Should you check it out?

Not really, this addition may carry humor and great actors but it fails to be worth sitting down for over an hour because it’s really more cringe humor than the one from 2020. I personally was not as entertained as I was with they first one but for another person it could be.

I personally would say watch the first one because it’s funnier and has an arguably better cast or if you already watched the first one and still want to watch something that makes fun of human behavior I’d recommend Don’t Look Up, I didn’t like it THAT much but it was pretty funny and people around the world are loving it.

Out Of 10 I’m giving this addition a 5, I liked some things but this addition just felt a lot more forced compared to the first one.


Death To 2021 tries to do what was done in Death To 2020 but it sort of fails at it by repeating the same covid jokes and making fun of the rich, this addition may not be awful but it marks the beginning of what will be an awful line of Netflix yearly specials to come, the cast was great tho that’s no lie.

Did you watch Death To 2021? Do you think it’s better than Death To 2020? Do you think there should be one in 2022? Lets talk down in the comments or on Twitter.

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