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Day Shift Review: Some Ups And A Big Down

Netflix’s brand new Horror Comedy vampire movie starring Jammie Foxx and Snoop Dogg is here and I don’t know what I expected from it but I know it was not this, This is my review of Day Shift on Netflix.

Day Shift see’s Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter Dad who has to raise funds for his family or they will be forced to relocate.

The movie stars Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Meagan Good and Karla Souza and see’s the directorial debut for J.J. Perry, the movie had a rumored budget of 100 Million Dollars.

In this review I will tell you what I liked and didn’t Like with my rating out of 10 and whether I think you should check it out.

What I Liked

The Over The Top Action

Day Shift

This movies action sequences are definitely meant to make you go “Ohh that’s so intense” and they had me saying that on every sequence. The action may have been unrealistic but it was very well directed and featured some pretty well thought out choreography, If there’s one thing this movie excelled at giving it’s definitely the action.

Action movie legend Scott Adkins also made an appearance and I enjoyed the action sequence he was involved in, there’s just something about Scott Adkins action that just makes it entertaining every time. We also got a lot of gore in this movie, exaggerate gore but it was still the amount that I love seeing in Zombie or horror movies.


The zombies were not really the best zombies you’ll ever see but my god they were really well made and all the CGI moments were not awful at all, the gore that I loved seeing was well done as well and was a huge highlight to me, some things were really tough to watch but knowing that I’ll get a well made action sequence after the cringe was enough to keep me watching.

The Cast

The movie has Jamie Foxx who is one of the most beloved actors and he gives a great perfomance that outshines his co-stars to be honest including Dave Franco who plays this Kevin Hart in Ride Along type character but just not as good. Meagan Good is just okay in this, she is a great actress (she was amazing in The Intruder, pls watch it) and by the end of the movie I didn’t really think I should’ve gotten more or less of her, I was just glad to see her in there.

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Snoop Dogg is in this movie too so, do with that information what you will.

What I Did Not Like

The Story

The story is not great or even good to be honest. The story is the kind of story I’d expect to get from a Disney movies, it’s fun yes but it’s not fun to go through. Some people may like it because at it’s core it’s just a quirky horror/comedy and you’re not really meant to care too much about the movie’s plot but I just couldn’t stand it, I just thought the story was weak and for a movie that’s R rated I just did not expect that.

There was some comedy but it sadly wasn’t my kind of comedy and I found some moments to be cringe or some not funny at all, I do like that they didn’t just continuosly throw jokes to try and make me laugh but I still didn’t like the jokes that were given.

My Rating Out Of 10

I didn’t watch this trailer before the movie came out nor did I after it came out….

Day Shift had a few ups but the weak story proved to be the biggest downer of the movie.

I give this movie a 5/10.

They had great over the top action, great CGI, Snoop Dogg and great actors but that story made it hard for me to keep watching.

“Should I Watch It Then?”

To be honest it’s up to you, if you enjoy quirky comedies with pretty bad comedy and a boring story but great action sequences then you should, But if you want a good story with your top tier action then you can stay away from it.

You can stream the movie on Netflix.


To sum it all up, Day Shift is a family movie that’s not for the whole family and by that I mean it has all the elements of a Disney style movie with an R-Rating so you can’t watch with the kids but you’d know they would enjoy some of it’s goofiness.

This has been my review of Day Shift, tell me what you thought about the movie down in the comments.

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