Daryn’s Gym Review: A Good Reason To Get eVOD

Hello gang my name is “Call Me If You Get Lost is album of the year” and today I’m here to give you my review of Daryn’s Gym an eVOD original movie.

Description: a third generation family gym finds itself in a David & Goliath type battle when a fitness conglomerate, Stars Fitness, opens a branch across the road from them. With the little gym already struggling to make ends meet, it’s up to the timid Daryne JNR and his mismatched staff to make sure that they not only survive the daily drama of running a gym but that the business his grandfather started turns a profit.

Did I copy that from the Nostalgia Productions website? Yes. Was it because I couldn’t think of well formulated description of my own? Double yes.

In this review like my others I will be telling you 1. What I loved And Hated and then 2. Whether you should check it out so without wasting anytime, lets begin.

What I Loved And Hated

What I Loved

The Comedy

Daryn's Gym Review

Daryn’s Gym is really funny and I mean like actual funny, every joke thrown throughout the movie lands perfectly and is just the good type of funny instead of the usual cringe “Please never say that again” type of funny, most of the comedy was not even in just the dialogue but the scenes were pretty funny too.

The movie doesn’t try to make you laugh by throwing joke after joke at you and hoping one lands, it instead has solid jokes that make you laugh with the least effort, another reason the jokes were really funny to me was.

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The Cast

EVERYONE IN THIS WAS TOP TIER man I swear. We have Clifford Joshua Young, Hlubi Mboya, Ayanda Seoka, Siv Ngesi, Natasha Sutherland, Deon Coetzee, Carla Classen , William Harding and Mphumzi Nontshinga AND each and everyone of them deliver on every scene. Some of the characters don’t get a lot of screen time (in my opinion) but every scene they’re in, they are just great.

The actors delivery is very important in mockumentaries because they determine whether the jokes are absolutely funny or just downright awful and the actors made every joke really funny in this.

The Story

The story is not perfect but it’s pretty good. The story has no unnecessary additions like things that were added to make the runtime longer or just because “Hey let’s just throw this in there because Yes”. Other characters also have their own stories happening like Daryn’s mom with Paul, they don’t take your attention away from the main story but are just fun to watch.

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What I didn’t like

It’s A Movie

I really wish we saw more of these characters in episodic form

Now I’m not gonna lie this is a stupid point but in my head it made SOME sense. You see I personally would have loved this as a series, mostly because I felt like I wanted to see more points of the story like I wanted to see Daryn and Zandile’s relationship sort of growing instead of the continuous time jumps.

This is not to say it’s bad as a movie but more like a “Hey this would have been like 5 times better as a series” keep everything as it is (the story) just make it a series, please… I’ll give you my kidney.

That’s it, that’s all I did not like.

Should You Check It Out?

Yes you should, overall Daryn’s Gym is a really good movie that’s pretty funny and has a good story with the cast giving their all to a great script.

Out of 10 i’d easily give this movie an 8 because not only is it my favorite type of movie but it also made me laugh without making it cringe and I’m willing to offer second kidney for a sequel.


Daryn’s Gym is a really fun wholesome movie with a lot of love, jokes and great cast and if you ever get the opportunity to check it out I really think you should, the movie is really good.

You can check out Daryn’s Gym on eVOD by clicking here.

Was this review sort of helpful? Did you check out Daryn’s Gym? How would you rate it out of 10? Talk to your boy in the comments or on Facebook or twitter.

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