Daredevil Reboot Sort Of Confirmed?

One of the most beloved and extremely popular CMB series Daredevil is now sort of confirmed to return in the form of a slight reboot.

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Daredevil Reboot?

Marvel writer David Hayter (writer of X2 and 2009 Watchmen) recently confirmed that the popular former Netflix series will join the MCU but will be a soft reboot. Although David goes back and says he “mistakenly thought” he read that somewhere and had no insider information, he does sort of confirm a rumor that die hard fans were hoping was just false.

The soft reboot may keep all the actors in the roles, some parts of the story but change other parts of the series’ story to suit their future plans. A lot of Daredevil fans are quite pissed by the news of a reboot of the show which is understandable as the 3rd season ended with a teaser of the presence of Bullseye and would eventually see them go against each other that and also because the series was extremely great.

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These news now leave the question of whether other Netflix Marvel shows will also get soft reboots or just complete reboots but I guess time will tell.

Marvel’s Echo Series

The Disney plus series ECHO is rumored to be a sort of 4th season of Daredevil since Echo is a Daredevil character who in the the comics is also the adoptive daughter of Kingpin, many fans have been suggesting that this could be the 4th season of Daredevil because you cannot really have a Daredevil character without the Devil himself.

BUT, the series will be a spin-off series of Hawkeye which sort of cancels the rumors BUT bring up another question which in my opinion is pretty interesting, the question is “Will they introduce Kingpin in the Hawkeye series?” but I guess that’s a question for you guys.

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Completely rebooting Daredevil could be one of the worst decisions Marvel can make looking at the character’s fan base and how beloved the character has become with what the Netflix series was able to give fans, I think if anything, Marvel is planning to do the “Soft” reboot rumored to be in the works but how much that soft reboot will change is what we fans need to wait and see.

Do you think we’ll see Kingpin in the Hawkeye or Echo series? Do you think a soft reboot will satisfy die hard fans of the series? Do you think Marvel Studios should have separated Daredevil from the MCU just to continue season 4? tell me this and more of your thoughts on these news in the comments below.

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