Cruella 2021 Review: A Villain To Love

A brand new Disney Villain origin movie and this time we got a Cruella origin movie, the Dalmatian hating and one of the amazingly dressed Queen of evil out of all and This is the Cruella Review

In this review I’ll be telling you about what you will love and hate in this movie and whether you should check it out, let us begin.

1. What You Will will Love

Cruella is the origin movie of the Villain who’s full name is ‘Cruella DeVil’ and as a wise man once said “it’s written as Devil but it’s pronounced De Vil”. So what will you like in this?

The Story

The story is something you’ll really like, it has the right combination of comedy, drama and the twist in the movie is actually unexpected and surprising. The story makes you love Cruella and feel sympathy for her when needed, all the parts don’t feel forced or anything they were all great, the pacing of the story is another thing they were able to keep pretty great and I enjoyed that.

The story also shows a side of Cruella I don’t think a lot of people know or have seen, I think that’s something you may like watching this movie.

The Acting

You’ll love the Acting, Emma Stone and the rest of the cast put on an amazing performance and I’m actually not saying that to be kind or anything I actually mean it.

The way Emma Stone changes from being Estella to being Cruella was fun and funny to watch, the cast is really amazing (The dogs included).

The Soundtrack


Oh my God the soundtrack in this is fantastic, the soundtrack features old throwback songs and I think new tracks and they are ALL AMAZING, I love music and the music in this is fantastic.

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The Dresses

You’ll love the dresses, I’m no Fashion guru or even a fashionable person but I know when I see a pretty dress and this movie has a lot of great dresses, the make-up and costume department really did a great job with this. The dresses are pretty amazing.

What Will You Hate?

If I told you there’s something to hate in this movie I’d either be really crazy or just being nitpicking. The movie is great from start to finish.

2. Should You Check It Out?

Well yes, the movie is over 2 hours long and during that 2 hours (and a few minutes) you’ll be enjoying a wild, funny and crazy adventure with Cruella and the rest of her crew and the dogs.

The movie is fun and it has a great cast AND it also has Mark Strong with hair, I’m sure you’ve never seen that before and if you have…. Lucky.

That’s the review, this movie is a great watch that you’ll definitely love everything in it. Do I think we need more Disney Villain origin movies? Nope, not really but I do enjoy what Disney is doing because honestly these movies are a pretty fun watch for all.

Have you watched the movie? What did you think? Have you followed the website? If you haven’t done those things, I recommend you do that and like the post if you found it helpful. Much love and see you on The next post.

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