Worth The Popcorn? Coming 2 America Review

It’s here, it’s finally here. This is my review of Coming 2 America and although it’s a a few weeks late, I put a lot of thought into this. Coming 2 America is a 2021 American comedy movie that serves as a sequel to the 1988 film Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy.

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Like with all my reviews I will be telling you 1. Why You Should Watch the movie and 2. What You Will Love And Hate about the movie. Let us go.

1. Why You Should Watch

Well like everyone on the interweb has said, this movie is really just a cash grab and you don’t really have any other reason to watch this movie apart from wanting to giggle for a couple of minutes.

The secret is to ignore how predictable the movie is and just laugh at it’s funny bits which are a lot, I laughed a maximum of 6 times watching this…. 6!!

2. What You Will Love And Hate

The Cast is something you’ll definitely love

Coming 2 America

The movie brings back almost all the actors and actresses from the first movie and add some new characters that are acted by some of our favourite actors.

Nomzamo Mbatha, you’re gonna love seeing Nomzamo in this because she really puts on an amazing performance. Like I personally would’ve loved seeing more of her on screen because I just adore her acting and her energy. I’ve always loved seeing her on screen and she’s one of those actresses that are just amazing at what they do.

The costume or wardrobe

Oh my God the outfits in this are amazing and look really colourful, not the “oh my God why did a rainbow barf on this” type of colourful but the “Ohh wow, those colours work awesomely together”, I loved those outfits they need to win awards. They are really really authentic African.

What you’ll hate tho is a lot. But I’ll focus on 2 things I did not like. Grab these L’s C2A

The “Is everything CG” feel

While I was watching this I felt like everything was CGI or there was too much green screen and during the credits you can see that some green screen was used but while watching it feels too much and to some people(me), really distracting.

The predictable story

I mean when I heard news of a second Coming To America I didn’t really know why we were getting one,

it wasn’t really something everyone was petitioning to get but we got it and as soon as you are told what’s gonna happen in the movie you can sort of piece it all together and almost accurately predict the ending… No, really you can.

Now is this movie really worth the popcorn? Yes, it is. The movie is to me something fun to watch or just giggle at, not breaking down like a psychopath (That means don’t do what I did). Would I rewatch it after a few weeks tho? No, not really.

Have you guys watched Coming 2 America? Did you enjoy it or you just hate it? Talk to me on Facebook or Twitter.

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