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Collision 2022 Movie Review: Skip It

Netflix SA’s brand new movie Collision arrived on the 16th of this month and despite a great cast, the movie overall is pretty bad. This is my review of Collision.

Collision sees a corrupt businessman (played by Langley Kirkwood) race to save their daughter from feared gangster Bra Sol (played by Vuyo Dabula)… Other things happen, but that is the main story here.

In this review, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t like in the movie and then my ranking of the movie and whether you should check it out.

What I Liked

Vuyo Dabula

Collision Movie Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, the highlight of the entire movie is Vuyo Dabula giving an excellent performance throughout the movie and I enjoyed watching his performance more than anything in the entire film. Vuyo shows how much of a talent he is in this film and I just wish it had a better story/everything that would’ve made it just a bit enjoyable. There were other good performances throughout the movie but Vuyo’s was the best in the film.

I’m sorry but that’s the only thing I liked in the movie. This movie reminds me of Amandla, and I will tell you how.

What I Didn’t Like

The Pace

Just like in my review of Amandla, my first complaint with this movie is its pacing and just like in Amandla the movie starts pretty good but goes off the rails as you watch it. I’m not saying this because we go back in time and see the events leading to the Collision (Hey, that’s the name of the movie), I’m saying the way the movie’s events unfold goes from pretty slow to extremely fast and sometimes bounces between those paces in an annoying way.

Apart from the main story, we have a couple of stories that branch out from the main Vuyo Dabuls Langley Kirkwood-led story and they also have weird pacing that made them kind of awful tbh.

The Story

This movie (like almost all Netflix SA movies) once again looks at racism and inequality in South Africa only adding a little Foreign Nationals/Xenophobia storyline in there because why not. I feel like they should’ve spent more time on the story, I’m one of those people who say each South African movie doesn’t have to be about racism or inequality, Yes it exists in modern society but we don’t have to make EVERY MOVIE about it. This movie had stories that were not fun to watch unfold and by the 1-hour mark, had me wondering how on Earth this will lead to the collision at the end.

The stories were not good, They were either bad themselves or just had bad acting that made them kind of unwatchable, I didn’t like it to be honest and I was just watching to see how they get to that Collision (hey, that’s the name of the movie again.) and because of Vuyo Dabula.

Another thing I want to say about the story or just about almost all movies that come out in SA now. Every movie does not have to be an “It reflects everything that’s happening in South Africa right now”, I feel like we’ve gotten enough of those, not every movie has to remind South Africans that there still is racism when they experience it almost every day. Tell the people something new and refreshing and make movies an escape instead of a déjà vu trip.


I’m getting annoyed at waiting for Blood And Water or How To Ruin Christmas whenever I wanna watch SA stories that aren’t reminding me of the inescapable racism and inequality in the land. Give us more movies like Seriously Single and Little Big Mouth, goofy movies that aren’t too focused on being a depiction of SA Today.

Some Of The Performances

Source: YouTube

Vuyo Dabulo and Samke Makhoba (she should’ve gotten a better story or movie tbh) gave a great performance throughout the movie but the other actors in this movie were really bad, Zoey Sneedon and Siphesihle Vazi were pretty bad and I don’t want to blame them, to be honest, I think more than anything they were given a really bad script to work with. I didn’t enjoy their performances, to be honest.

The movie also had Showmax’s The Wife actor Bonko Khoza who had a very small role so I can’t judge him tbh but I do hope to see more from him since I haven’t watched The Wife and I think he is a great actor who could play a top-tier villain.

My Rating Out Of 10

One of the things that did not make this movie a complete disappointment for me was I never expected anything from it and never really looked at trailers until release. I did not walk into it expecting it to be great or any so.

I am giving this movie a 3/10

This is only because I loved Vuyo’s performance, liked Samke Makhoba a lot, and loved the opening scene.


So the question of “Do I watch it?” is not only answered by the title of this review but by almost everything I’ve said in it. If you’re thinking of watching this movie Don’t, you’ll be as disappointed as you were watching Amandla and you’ll never get your 1 hour and 30 minutes back.

If you want a pretty good movie to watch on Netflix, I’d say watch Adam Sandler’s Hustle which is a great basketball movie that came out last week.


Collision came out on a Thursday and it sort of makes sense, the movie is not the top-tier Netflix movie that deserves a Friday movie, I didn’t really enjoy it but I think a couple of people might enjoy this but I highly doubt it… Although people have different tastes and interests.

Did you watch Collision? What’s your rating of the movie? What was your highlight? Let’s talk down in the comments, share if you agree with the review, and leave a like for good luck.

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