Blood And Water Season 2 Review: The Best Thing On Netflix?

I fiiinally got the opportunity to watch Season 2 of Blood And Water and oh boy am I proud of Netflix for this season. This is my review of Blood And Water Season 2.

Just like with my other reviews I will be telling you 1. What I loved and Hated and 2. Whether I think you should check it out if you haven’t so let us begin.

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1. What I Loved and Hated

Let’s start with what I absolutely loved in this season

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The Soundtrack

Never in my life did I ever think I’d be watching a tense scene with the amazing song Ke Star by Focalist and Vigro Deep making the scene much more intense??? Like I should be dancing right now but why am I biting my nails????

Of course just like the previous season, this season packs a great soundtrack like every single song is HEAT and almost every single song not being from a super mainstream artist made mr go “Ohh nice, I’ll definitely check that person’s music out”

Exploring the other characters stories

Season 2 of Blood And Water gives us a look into other characters life and my favourite being the story of Greteli Fincham‘s Reece character. In the first season, Reece was shown as a badass character that gives just about 0 fs and in this second season we get to see her life, why she is the badass that she is and why she does what she does and I absolutely loved it not only because of Greteli’s amazing performance but also because of how great the story was written, it all made sense and a lot of rands.

We also got to see Arno Greeff‘s Chris character which was something I didn’t really think I needed to see until I actually saw it, we got to see a more emotional-ish side of the character which I liked…. Also Chris and Wendy?

The Stories

Blood And Water

The stories continue to be seriously thrilling, funny, and filled with a LOT OF DRAMA. With the previous season leaving us on a cliffhanger it’s amazing to see how they have been able to add new characters and grow the world while also keeping the stories interesting and not feeling like too much to process.

Of cause, the story of Fikile and Puleng is at center stage but the way they were able to build up other stories that affect the main story in one way or another was something I liked a lot throughout the entire season.

The performances

Oh my lord, these people can ACT yezwa, every single person in this gave their best performance ever. None of the scenes were cringing or even uncomfortable to watch with the performances being brilliant from every actor AND the Directing was super great with no shot feeling unnecessary or just pointless.

I didn’t hate a thing in this, I’m sorry. The pacing was great, the story greater and the actors? Greaterara.

2. Should You Check It Out?

If you have not watched the series because you’re afraid of being disappointed or something like that, I recommend you say F it and binge-watch both seasons. The series showcases some of the greatest young talents of South Africa and you get a great story that just flows beautifully the whole time with every episode being perfect and not being a waste of time like some series.

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So is Blood And Water the best thing on Netflix right now? Well yes, The series is written amazingly, has amazing actors and actresses with characters perfectly developed and written so really its better than anything on Netflix right now.

“Ohh Goodviews review guy, are you saying this is better than Money Heist???” HELL FUCKIN YES. Out of 10 I’m giving this season a 10/10.

Was this review thing useful? Well leave a thumbs up, share, leave a comment and hey Netflix, when is the 3rd season coming?????

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