Black Widow Review: Was It Worth The Wait?

Ahhh yes the movie we’ve all been waiting for is finally here and I checked it out. I will now give you my review of this movie that managed to pull every string that resided in my heart.

‘Black Widow’ follows Natasha Romanoff after what happens in Captain America: Civil War and although the movie does feel like it would’ve been better if it was released before Infinity War, at the end it does make you understand why it was released after both infinity War and Endgame…. Middle finger to COVID tho fr.

Just like all my reviews I’ll tell you 1. What I loved and hated then 2. Whether you should check it out so let’s begin

What I Loved And Hated

Let’s start with what I loved in this movie

The Action

Ohh my God the action sequences are so fucking amazing wtf. Every action sequence is like fight fight fight explosion explosion fight and its really really great to watch.

I did not expect there to be as many action sequences as this has watching every one of them was a beautiful experience. I think I have fallen in love with explosions in movies….. Again.

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The Comedy

Black WIdow

Yes Marvel movies have to be funny because it’s not a room full of grown adults looking at the deeper meaning of everything but people like me, people that watch movies to laugh and go wow then turn around and ask “What do you mean there’s a deeper meaning???”.

The funny in this is pretty funny from “Oh my God that’s so ridiculous” to “Awwww… That’s so cute, why am I crying???”. When it’s time to be funny this movie is funny.

Russian David Harbour

David Harbour with a Russian accent and an inflated ego is one thing I did not need but have fallen in love with, he gives such a great funny performance that you just love the character the next time you see him I definitely did…. I still do too.

Character Development

Now look the story in this is not the best story in the world BUT it’s fun to watch unfold. This movie gives the most development for Natasha Romanoff and really makes you add more love to the character you didn’t really pay a lot of attention to before, this movie really answered most of my questions about the character and really made me love and miss the character.

Final Sequence

I don’t wanna talk a lot about this but it’s unbelievable how nothing important about this movie leaked, the final sequence is as brilliant as the movie itself is. I loved it and I can assure you that you will to.

Also, like I said in my review of WandaVision, I cannot wait to see the future of Marvel and what they do with these interesting characters Black Widow introduced some really interesting characters that I cannot wait to see in future movies.

What did I hate?

Well to be honest there’s nothing to hate in this movie because it’s just great from start to finish and after watching it you’ll cry yes but also want to slap anyone that calls it bad in any way.

Should You Check It Out?

Yes, immediately. Black Widow is the first Marvel movie we’ve gotten since Far From Home and it really is worth the LOOONG wait with a great story, great action sequences and some really great characters so you should check it out ASAP.


After months of release date pushing and waiting Black Widow is here and it did not disappoint, it is on its own a great and offers us a lot of the high octane action and emotion we’ve missed since Far From Home this movie was worth the wait and clearly Marvel wants to see its fans cry in this phase.

Have you checked out the movie? Did you enjoy it? Did you cry? Do you hope to see more Red Guardian in the future? That’s obviously a yes and you know what? Me too. Leave a like, comment and remember to drink water until next time Byeee.

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