Army Of The Dead Review: 2021 Movie Of The Year?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen and this is the Army of The Dead Review, This movie has been hyped ever since it’s first trailer.

Zack Snyder’s brand new movie is a Netflix original zombie apocalypse money heist movie and with a run time of over 2 hours is it one of the best movies of the year? or is it just one the best zombie movie we’ve ever gotten in recent years?

In this review I will not only answer those questions but also tell you 1. What you might love and hate in the movie and 2. Werther it’s a must watch so grab your bulletproof helmet and lets go.

Also you can check out my review of Army Of Thieves, the prequel to Army Of The Dead.

What you might Love and Hate

All the stuff you’ll love.

The Characters

Army Of The Dead

I like the way Army Of The Dead did not just focus on one single character and try to build them alone (In this case it would be Dave) instead it gives you enough to actually like all the characters in it (That are all well acted out BTW).

You may eventually find yourself getting attached to the supporting characters more than the lead character because they are more entertaining and just have more charisma. It does that thing Mortal Kombat did, making the main character kind of boring and the support really interesting and fun to watch.

The prosthetics

Some of the zombies and injuries are not CGI’d in (as far as I know) and you’ll definitely love this “Why?” you ask, well because it looks a lot more realistic, the close ups to the zombies are some of my favorite things in this movie because it’s all real made so shout out to the team that worked on that, they did an amazing job.

Valentine The Tiger

I think the tiger in Army Of The Dead was the second most advertised thing and when you finally see it in the movie you see why, the details are really cool and as a fan of good looking CG I really appreciate the work they put in to make it look as close to the real thing while adding some undeadness to it. Overall, Valentine is a great looking CG animal.

It is a theory gold mine

There are a lot of things you are not told about in terms of what goes on in this zombie apocalypse world and that opens the flood gates of many many different theories from how Zeus (Zombie king) came to existence and whether the time loop things that were said (and shown) in the movie were true. The internet has so many theories about this movie it reminds me of the WandaVision days.

The blood and Gore

There’s a lot of Blood and Gore in this which is really really awesome and you’ll definitely love every minute of it, there are many shots that make you appreciate the team that did the practical effects and THAT scene with the tiger and face is really awesome because you’re not cut off from the scene, you get to see the entire thing happen. That was awesome thank you Mr. Snyder for that.

The Story

Although it’s probably the last reason you’d be watching this movie, the story in Army Of The Dead is pretty good when you really pay attention to it(Scott Ward’s character arc is really great). With some really funny moments and some heart melting moments you really see how much care was put into this movies story to not only set up future instalments into the franchise but also make it and amazing movie.

What you’ll probably hate

Some of the CGI (The Helicopter CGI)

Now look the CGI in this movie is pretty great but some of it looks a little off, the CGI for the helicopter for me personally stood out because of just how off the scenes it was involved in looked. But apart from that one nitpick the movie is good.

Is it really the best movie of this year?

Now to be really honest the movie is a good movie to watch that has a bunch of great scene, great action sequence and some great lines and could possibly be the best movie of the year. The movie manages to have you hyped and ready for all the already announced upcoming content and hoping for a sequel soon, especially Army of thieves which has finished filming and takes place takes place immediately after the initial zombie outbreak. Check out the updates from Screenrant.


My personal rating for this movie is 7/10. It’s a great movie with great action sequences, a great story once you really look deeply into it, really good twists and the way they are able to filled your head with these conspiracy theories while you watch is really good, I cannot wait to see what future additions have in store for this world.

Also For some reason I was hoping one of the character would say word for word “You son of a bi**h, I’m in”

Have you watched the movie? What was your favorite scene? Are there thing you wished could be changed and most importantly do you think we’ll get the Snyder Verse restored first before Kendrick Lamar drops his album? Let’s talk in the comments.

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