Are Comic Book Movies Killing The Film Industry

Comic book movies have been running the film industry in terms of ticket sales for the longest time but throughout that time people (Mostly filmmakers tbh) have sort of grown a weird belief that these movies are kind of killing the film industry.

In this post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on whether these movies are actually killing the industry and also what I think they are actually doing to the industry.

Now Before I start I do want to point out that these are only my opinions and you’re more than welcome to share your opinions on this in the comments, everyone is allowed to share their thoughts and receive no judgement… at least not publicly.

Are The CBMs Killing the Industry

Hello no, comic book movies have increased the number of people that come to theatres over the past couple of years which means they’ve kept theatres afloat especially during COVID. Comic book movies are just a new genre in the long list of movie genres that exist in the film industry and what sets them apart from others is that they bring what some people have been reading for ages to the big screen and places their imaginations right in front of them.

Comic Book movies only tell stories that people have only been able to imagine and in more cases than none, are worth going to theatres for. Other non comic book movies are finding great success in a time were Marvel/DC movies are making Billions at the box office and that’s because they do the same thing the comic book movies do which is piquing your interest with curiosity by offering you great trailers and sometimes great stories with a pretty good cast.

Movies like Jumanji, Jojo Rabit, Ready Player One, Nobody, and many more have found critical and financial success because they either had a great cast, interesting story, or a trailer that gives your brain more dopamine than when you find money in old pants. Comic book movies are not destroying other movies, other movies are just not marketing themselves hard enough to get the people interested.

What Are CBMs actually doing

Comic Book Movies

Comic book movies are creating a new type of moviegoer, a moviegoer who prefers to watch a movie that looks worth their time by its trailer or cast alone. I think people have moved past randomly picking a movie to watch and have opted to see what the movie has to offer before hopping in and spending the next 2-3 hours watching, if a movie fails to pique a person’s interest by its trailer alone you can expect people to sort of ignoring it.

Comic Book movies can also be looked at as worthy competition for the film industry as they push other filmmakers to be different and although sometimes being different may not guarantee success other times (although rare) being different could be the winning formula. People are not looking to see a new DC or Marvel movie every other month but are just looking forward to seeing a good movie that isn’t confusing or a full-on history lesson but just an entertaining movie.

Just like everything in the world, moviegoers have changed and people are allowed to decide that they don’t want to watch a movie about a Viking’s long dialogue-filled journey and would rather watch a movie with a bunch of action and people running around in unnecessarily tight costumes.

Another thing I think comic book movies have done is make filmmakers have some huge expectations for their movies, I feel like they always expect their movies to perform as great as the movies that attract kids, teens, and young adults to theatres. Very few movie genres can attract as many different groups of people as Comic book movies and also have equally great critical receptions so filmmakers sort of expect their movies to receive almost the same treatment as the Comic book movies and if they don’t it’s Marvel Or DC’s fault.

Comic book movies have also birthed the “Criticize Marvel or DC movies” marketing technique which is always annoying because why tf are journalists asking these questions and why does everyone care about how someone else feels about Comic book movies??? Just let it go bruv.


So in truth, Comic book movies are not ruining or destroying the film industry but are instead changing the film industry by pushing filmmakers into giving the people much more interesting content that entertains while also leaving the audience with a pretty good lesson/message. Comic Book movies are giving studios the motivation (Money, loads of money) to adapt the most beloved content into movies which means more movies and some variety, now it’s not just movies about people in tights but movies about magicians, witches, different shades of grey and more.

Now, this is the part where you tell me your opinion, Do you think this genre of movies is killing the industry? Do you think there should be fewer CBMs and more original IPs? Do you think CBMs will lose their grip on people anytime soon? Let’s talk in the comments below where I exist almost 24/7.

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