American gangster (2007)

“Success, it’s got enemies. You can be successful and have enemies or you can be unsuccessful and have friends”
American Gangster is your classic underdog tale of from rags to riches and law enforcement being hell bent on catching him. It’s a story that’s been told hundreds of times however this one is just clear cut perfection.
Each member of the star studded cast gave a great performance, with Denzel standing out as always. Every film I see of this man I am left in awe of the passion and dedication he has to his role.

For a film largely based in the city, it’s got some great cinematography. There are multiple lines from this movie you could quote that apply to the laws of reality. I liked how unlike most movies where the protagonist makes millions off narcotics, the did not only show his success, they depicted how his successful was affecting the people at the bottom. Mothers OD’ing in front of their infants and just lives of users falling apart.

The storytelling is incredible, the writing is spectacular and the soundtrack is just brilliant.
Great Directing from Ridley Scott. Never once is there a dull moment in this film. It delivers every time it’s supposed to, even in the really subtle moments. This is a Legend of a film and although a bit long, I fully recommend.

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