All Of Us Are Dead Review: It’s Perfect

After watching All Of Us Are Dead’s trailer I knew this was going to be perfect, It looked like the perfect zombie series and after watching the whole thing, I was right. This is my review of All Of Us Are Dead.

After a deadly virus that turns people into the undead breaks out in a school, students not infected by the virus have to find their way out to safety while also trying to survive the zombie apocalypse that’s quickly spreading in their school and the town.

You can stream this great series on Netflix Here.

After watching this Korean horror thriller I think it has a huge chance of being the new most watched Netflix series. In this spoiler free review I will be telling you What I liked and didn’t like and then whether you should check it out with my rating out of 10.

What I Liked And Didn’t liked

What I Liked

The Stories

This series has a huge cast which meant a bunch of stories and although that sounds terrifying because that would mean some stories wouldn’t be well developed or sliced up to be shorter but that’s not the case here, every story was interesting to watch and was able to poke at a lot of my emotions.

It felt as though every story got enough treatment and none of them ended by leaving me with more questions than I had when it started, the stories either find a way to return to the main story or concluding on their own in a pretty good way that didn’t seem forced or leave me with the feeling of “I wish There was more”. When I realized how many different stories there were I thought they’d be boring and underwhelming but they were all equally good like our main story.

We actually did not get too much background story for each character but the writing is good enough to have you loving or hating each character you meet before you even find out what their issues are, the story just unfolded and told you everything you need to fall in love with each character before even knowing their background.

The Cast

I don’t really know any of the cast members except Squid Game’s Lee Yoo-Mi but they ALL gave some brilliant performances. Like I said in my story point, the series has a couple of stories and these stories are sometimes super emotional with all the actors giving great performances that made me feel how they feel from their happiness to their sadness, we did not get a lot of background of the characters but you just connect with the characters and the actor’s performances are the reason for this.

Everyone was amazing and I really didn’t see any actor that gave a bad performance, they just played their roles to perfection. You know how good an actor has to be to be able to make you hope their character doesn’t die by the end of the series in the first 2 episode? You should check out the cast here.

The Zombies

I don’t watch a lot of zombie movies and series and I have to say the Zombies in this series are as great as the one’s from movies like World War Z and Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead and it’s Prequel which means they are nothing special but the humans have this “changing to zombie” moment and that to me was such a highlight because damn If I saw anyone move like that in real life then you can expect me to be out immediately, it was a bit scary for me and I’m sure it hurt for the person turning.

Another top tier thing about the zombies is the mutating? That was new for me and I liked it because it was sort of new and it was stressful every time THAT mutated zombie walked on scene. The series was also super bloody and gory and I genuinely enjoyed that, it’s just like the usual zombie series/movie which is what I expected and got.

The Music

The score for this series is the usual thriller score but it was happening so much I couldn’t help but commend it for how well it raised the suspense of a scene or enhanced the emotion of a scene, it was so good and did not get annoying the more I watched.

What I Didn’t Like

It’s Sooo Long

12 episodes with each of them being either under an hour long or over an hour long, this is more of a “I didn’t have enough time to binge watch it” complaint, they definitely used all the time well and I am glad they did not cut out anything to make it shorter, If you do clear up your day and have 12 hours to spare then you’ll be good.

Should You Watch It?

Yes you should, this is such a perfect Zombie apocalypse series that has a great mix of everything from Horror to Romance to Thrill, they really did something great with this. This is another W for Netflix Korea.

Out of 10 I’ll end this month by giving this series a 10/10, despite it’s being long as hell it really uses all those minutes to give you a great story that doesn’t feel unfinished or incomplete.

You can stream this great series on Netflix Here.


All Of Us Are Dead is the perfect Zombie apocalypse series that at certain points felt like it was giving me more than I expected and that made your boy extremely happy with the great cast, story and super zombies.

If you were thinking of watching this I say you definitely did and if you have watched it and didn’t like it then I think you should probably invest in a heat and feelings, bye gang.

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